How Bigger Is The Deep Web On Current Internet?

The deep web is really big and you cannot even imagine how big it is. It is the internet part which is unseen from view. It is compared to an iceberg where you are not able to know the size of it. You can view only few portions and not the entire size of it.

You should know that only a 4 percent of information is available to the famous search engines like Yahoo or Google which is known to be a “Surface web” or “Visible web”. The rest of the information is completely hidden which is known to be “The Deep Web”.

You would find the information which is unseen in the web which would not be fetching or indexed by the ordinary search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Bigger than Surface Web

The deep web is the WWW (World Wide Web) part which is revealed by Yahoo or Google like famous search engines, including encrypted networks and dynamic pages. It is approximate to be 500x the Surface Web size. It is bigger than the surface web. It is also easy to find out the unknown information on the deep web. Once you enter into their web, you would get more useful knowledge about the deep web and how it works.

Not a Measurable Size

The Deep Web is about 5 times bigger than the Internet and it is uncontrolled. It cannot be indexed and you can visit any site you want without the fear of getting caught. The size of the deep web is very difficult to calculate and it is almost impossible. The best and easiest way to get the information on the deep web is to look for a specialized search engine. There are many specialized search engine which index a small portion of the deep web and some search engine target it clearly.

You should understand that there are more than 200,000 deep websites; (here is list of 121+ active deep web sites that are always online). According to the recent study on the deep web, it has been proved that the Deep web covers 91 850 terabytes and Surface Web covers 167 terabytes. Let’s know about the types of Deep Web to get the clear cut information on how big it is.

Types of Deep Web

Opaque Web

The Opaque designates those types of websites which can be indexed but are not made for the mean while due to cost effectiveness and technical efficiency. All the search engines do not take into account sub pages of a website and all directories levels, meaningful documents would be reflected in the appropriate manner.

Private Web

As the name suggest, private web is mainly for doing the private work and activities. It includes websites which could be easily indexed but are not really indexed mainly to the higher restrictions imposed by the webmaster. These can be internal websites, confidential data or access to the only trusted IP addresses. The access would be given to the authorized users only and they would have the power to access the websites.

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Proprietary Web

This web deals with those sites which are accessible once you enter a password or after confirming conditions of usage and it cannot be indexed. You can get access to these sites only after getting the identification.

Invisible Web

This invisible web is totally different from the other type of webs. It includes sites which are not indexed for commercial or strategic reasons. According to technical point of view, indexing can be done without any problem.

Truly Invisible Web

You should know that the websites of the truly invisible web would not be indexed for the technical related reasons. You would find the documents which cannot be seen in a browser and some formats of files which would not be detected due to their non standard formats and complexity.

The Last Words

At last, you would be amazed by knowing that the deep web includes a lot more added data as compared to the surface web. The results integration would be really beneficial to all the users because applicable results can be easily received. If you are using the deep web, then you should use it caution despite the higher supply of vital data and useful documents.

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There are many people preferred conducting illegal activities also on the deep web and you should stay away from it. There is a chance of getting caught by the security agencies and cyber crime if they find you getting indulge in the illegal activities. Do not sell any product or any type of drugs which is illegal in the real world.

So, make sure you are following all the safety measures so that you would not face any problem at all. This deep web is very attractive to criminals as it provides anonymity to them. You should be very alert and active while going for the deep web.

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