Digital Marketing Design: 5 Things You Need to Know

Digital marketing design creates a visual representation of your business. Visuals always have the power to communicate your brand’s message better than it can be done with plain text. WebFX says 73% of businesses invest in design to help their brand stand out. Also ( same source) 46.1% of people stated that a website’s design is a major criterion for determining the company’s credibility. At the same time, 75% of the website’s credibility is given to design.


Moreover, in alignment with the research from T-Sciences, the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than words. We indeed engage with content better when it is represented by the means of consistent and relevant graphic elements. This is, of course, not a full compilation of why graphic design is vital for promoting your business and eventually growing conversions’ levels. Here are 5 things that one might want to consider when developing a visual presentation for the brand.


Employ graphic design apps


99 design observed that money paid for graphic design for small evolving businesses is still a bit of an issue. Therefore, depending on the purpose, it’s a quite well-established practice to turn for help to various graphic design apps. They are constantly upgraded and offer an enormous variety of features. Therefore, even with minimal design skills, it could be masterfully applied. Whatever message you plan to send to your audience there are tools for all sorts: templates for social media platforms, flyers, logo makers ( small businesses commit to paying $500 for a logo -Software Findr; why not develop on your own??), YouTube channel art, amazing photo features (online background remover, adding speech bubble, adding frames), etc. This practice will ensure a high-quality experience and be totally budget-friendly. Doing so might save a possibility to allocate resources for other, more urgent marketing needs.


Identity of your brand


When adorning your content with graphic elements you must not get carried away with all the great design options existing. The trick is to entice your audience in cooperation with your company by the means of thought-through eye-catching material. However, there is a brand that has to project itself into your audience’s memory. To achieve that it is essential to take care of its identity representation. It means that some of your brand’s graphic features ( color palettes, shapes, lines, fonts for textual components, filters, etc.) should be observed in whatever visual piece is developed for your content marketing campaign. When there is a newsletter or invoice sent, the recipients should recognize it due to the design that they are used to seeing.




This one sort of continues the previous thought of keeping brand identity intact. The thing is to make a consistent effort when developing a graphic design strategy for your brand. Of course, nothing in business is set in stone ( except sharing a value and being true to the mission). With time, things have to change, but for a certain timing, you should never lose momentum, quality speaking. Setting a tone of a brand visual representation you, as an entrepreneur, should have to keep up with it whenever your content is distributed.


Also, it’s quite essential to mind channels that your content is delivered to since depending on the platform there are always certain graphic content preferences. For example, LinkedIn appreciates images, videos, infographics, and Instagram wants more ephemeral content. The concept is to know when, where, and how with a common denominator – brand identity being visible in each graphic piece.


Latest trends


This will be a crucial strategy for doing business successfully – following the latest trends since everything is changing dramatically fast. The design thing that rocked yesterday might have no practical use today. Therefore, be on the watch of what is trending today and how well it may fit your brand. For example, in 2021 it is recommended to look at using some muted color palettes, simple data graphics, geometric shapes, nature elements, social visual content, etc. So if you feel like something needs refurbishing – do it, experiment, see what communicates and delivers the goal as well as provoke a decent audience engagement rate.


Invest in User Experience


To make sure we are on the same page: User Experience ( UX) is defined as a process of creating products that ensures users with a pleasant and meaningful experience. This is a complex process. Even being on a budget there are plenty of tools to deliver the information of how your users interact with your product, design-wise including. You do not need to go far searching – Google Analytics can provide you with some valuable knowledge of what to fix about your product. As it’s been mentioned before each brand has its identity to keep and move through. However, other design parts may be dissatisfying and call for fixing, or complete eradication. You are not betraying the choices that your product is best highlighted with. The message is to one-up the most dissatisfying moments of graphical organization of your content and deliver them in a winning look.




Your brand is not possible to stand out among the competitors if there is no graphic design campaign developed. For users, the desire for graphic elements dates back to the times when we all loved books with a lot of pics in them. Honestly, those stories we can recollect in a quite detailed manner. Visuals do have the potential to stick in people’s heads, so why then not try and benefit from it when marketing a product and making the customers engage in further actions.


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