Download WhatsApp Status Video Top ways To Consider

How to download WhatsApp status video? It is a trending question on many social platforms right now. So, I tried many solutions to download WhatsApp status video. There are many solutions available to do this task but not every one is useful. Download WhatsApp status video are the new feature in current WhatsApp where you can share your videos and other kind of data with your loved ones and friends. Read the complete article to find the best ways to download WhatsApp status video.

What Is WhatsApp Status Video

Whatsapp a very popular social media app has undergone through various updates from the day it was launched till. It could be its smileys, privacy settings or chat’s settings. In the previous year it incorporated the additional feature of uploading the STATUS, same as story in Instagram or in snapchat. The status can be image, video, text or an audio file. The WhatsApp status video is only visible to the people you wish by changing the privacy settings provided. It is automatically removed after 24 hours from its upload.

Hence you can be in more touch with the people in a very perplexing way. Now if your friend uploads a status video of an animal performing a prodigious act and you want it to get download whatsapp status video and saved in your phone, you can’t directly download it. Now instead of asking your friend to send it you personally, there are various ways you can download the status on your own and even can repost it as your story or can share with others. Here is the list of the few such methods for how to download WhatsApp status video that you can adopt:

How To Download Whatsapp Status Video

WhatsApp status folder:

You all must have come across the whatsapp folder in the file manager of your android or iOS, which contains all the sent and received data (images, audios, videos, chats etc.). But all this media gets exigently stored in your gallery folder too where you can easily see them. In the same whatsapp folder there is hidden statuses folder. By making this folder visible you can easily get the status into your phone’s gallery. Now comes how to un hide it. So for this just go through the following steps:

  1. Open the file manager or file explorer in your device.
  2. In the folder find the subfolder named Whatsapp and open it.
  3. In this look for the option of ‘more’.
  4. You will see show hidden files/folder. Actually the status and stories of your Whatsapp contacts are stored in your mobile phones but are hidden by default. After you unhide them they automatically get stored in your devices’ library.

Now you get the statuses folder and the stories you want on your mobile phones. It is one of the easiest ways to download whatsapp status video of the contacts.

download whatsapp status video

Screen recording apps:

Many androids like Samsung, Redmi and even iPhones have the inbuilt features of capturing the screen. Other users can download the alternative for it for instance android users can use powersoft iOS recorder while android users can go for unlimited number of Screen Recorder aps available on the playstore for example DU Recorder, AZ screen recorder etc. and are even easy to use. Hence with the simple download you can get the status videos and image saved in your drive.

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Story saver app:

This amazing app is available at the store for free. It bestows its users to download the status of their friends. Story saver app is even available for downloading the story of your friends on instagram. After downloading the app you need to follow some very easy steps in order to save the status.

  • In the app tap on RECENT STORIES.
  • Then select the story you want to download.
  • Click on download.

Hence now you can collect all the alluring status on your gallery and can even repost it as your status.

How To Downlaod WhatsApp Status Gif

Now one more constraint with the status uploading in the WhatsApp is that the user can only upload the videos or audios with a short duration of maximum 30 seconds. We sometimes across the videos that we wish like uploading it but due to its size we couldn’t or sometimes like WhatsApp gifs we even search for the status videos. So here are few methods or steps that could be followed in case you come across such situation:

  1. In this simple method you just need to add the two magical letters between the URL that you are following. For any confusion follow the steps described below:
  2. Just open the URL in any browser instead of YouTube.
  3. Now edit the URL by placing ‘ss’ just before the for example:
  4. After pressing the enter you will get redirected to another page. The age would be having a download option for you to download WhatsApp status videos of appropriate size on your device.

So get started for uploading the videos without any headache of attenuating the size so as to make it your WhatsApp status video.

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Download WhatsApp status video Other Method

The second way for downloading WhatsApp status video is very similar to the first method stated above. Now is the turn for another magical word for the work. Getting confused! Just follow the following steps to clear it:

  1. Open the URL of your video on any browser i.e., not on YouTube app.
  2. Now edit the URL by separating you and Tube by ‘magic’ and press enter.
  3. After you press the enter you will be linked to another page. The page would now contain the link for downloading the video. Click on the link provided to download the WhatsApp video on your device and upload it as your status.

The following two tricks could be used to download the status of your choice instead of copying it from your contacts and keep yourself new and different thereby overcoming the time hindrance and copying too.

In the end, I think you found the desire answer you want for the question “how to downlaod WhatsApp status videos”. If you did not find proper result or details then please comment below for you queries and questions.

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