Easiest Ways To Create a Website For Your Gaming Clan or Guild

Online gaming is a popular activity for all age groups. Whether it’s been played on Android, iOS, PC, or consoles, the gaming trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

Online gaming’s popularity has led to the creation of gaming communities, guilds, and clans. These groups interact within the game itself, but there’s also a growing trend of building websites where they can share their enthusiasm and passion for their games.

Anyone can build a website with their own clan web designs. All you need is a good web builder and a decent hosting package.

How to Start Your Own Gaming Clan Website

  • Find a Hosting Package

The best clan website hosting will be scalable and affordable. When you’re just starting, it’s best to go with a smaller starter package. However, your host needs to offer you options to scale your hosting package as your visitor numbers increase. Additionally, it’s ideal if your hosting works with a website builder.

  • Choose a Gaming Website Builder

By using a website builder, you simplify the development of your gaming website. When you have the right platform, you don’t have to concern yourself with writing code to make your site functional. The site builder will get you started with all the tools necessary for creating content and adding features based on the type of clan web designs you want to make.

  • Decide What Kind of Clan Website You Want to Build

After you’ve chosen a website builder, you next need to identify the kind of site you’re going to build. There are different types of content and sites under this niche topic. For instance, you might choose to create a gaming blog, a personal gamer website, a game guide, a walkthrough website, a game streaming site, or even a members-only forum for gaming fans. You must determine the type of clan website you want to build because it will determine your template choice.

  • Select a Website Name and Register a Domain

You can have lots of fun when choosing your domain and website name. However, you must select a website name and domain that describes what your website is about. You also want a name that catches people’s attention.

For a small fee, you can register your own custom domain. However, many hosting packages often come with free domain name registration. Therefore, you should make sure to look at your hosting options before jumping ahead and registering a domain name.

  • Begin Building Your Content

Now it’s time to add content to your site. You should start by adding vibrant, high-quality images to attract your target audience. You should also make your website look professional and legitimate by adding your own branding and log. Additionally, adding a favicon will reinforce your brand.

It’s important to remember that your site’s landing page is integral to capturing a visitor’s attention. The landing page is the first page anyone visits, so you want to make sure it tells people what they can expect from the rest of the site, so their interest is peaked.

Next, you’ll want to add features to your site that will enhance your community. Therefore, a forum section is helpful to have as it acts as a way for your guild or clan to exchange information and communication. You might also want to have a blog section to keep people up to date on the games you’re playing. Additionally, if you’re going to showcase your gaming VODs or playthroughs, you’ll need to have a solid and responsive media page. Furthermore, it’s important to make sure that your VOD’s comply with DMCA regulations.

  • Link to Your Social Media

You must link your social media accounts, whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Tik Tok, to your gaming website. This will help you to reach your community or visitors more efficiently. After all, communication is essential to gaming communities regardless of the game being played, and it’s common for members of this community to share their social media. Therefore, it’s beneficial for you to link your social media to your gaming clan website.


Building a website for your gaming clan or guild is easy with the help of a website builder and a hosting package suited to your needs. With these tools, you can quickly bring your vision to life, whatever that may be.


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