10 eBook Torrent Sites To Read Free eBooks Online

Do you want to read free ebooks online or do you want some ebook torrent sites to access some ebooks material? Here I am with detailed suggestions for my readers. You need to complete scroll of this page from top to bottom and rest will be done by me. So, here I am with complete suggestions of best ebook torrent sites to use at present.

Books are one’s best friend, and books make the reader erudition and wiser. As quoted by the Mark Twain a famous writer “Good friends, good books and the sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

While with the advancement of the new technology and busy life book lovers have no time to go to the library or by the excellent book to quench their glutton for books, so with the advancement of the technology Books are also converting it into E-Books which are available in plenty of website on the internet.

So, e-book torrenting sites are the bigger requirement for people because of the lots of e-book on the internet. People also want to know about free ebook downlaoding sites without registration on the internet according to my research for the human searches on the internet.

There is the whole library of books available nowadays on the internet with uncountable numbers of books from where one can Plenitude there book reading desire.

10 eBook Torrent sites

I finish my intro about e-books and their trends among the folks. So, guys, you need to try these pieces of stuff related to best ebook torrent sites.

#1 Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is an ideal website where one can eat, sleep, drink with E-Books, where you can find more than 5000 E-Books in Epu, kindle, Html format. It is an oldest digital library founded by American writer Michael S.Hart in 1971.


The most Jocund feature of this site is it is free, and no registration requires that mean the reader didn’t have to pay a single penny to read books. Project Gutenberg are going to be your buddy for your requirement of ebook torrent sites on the present internet.

#2 Open Library

The name itself suggests this site is open to all with numerous numbers of books available. The spacious library has over 1 million EBooks and searches option to the visitor which gives the ability to search books using Title, author name, subject.

The website provides open source project in which Library catalog is editable which help to create a web page for any book published till date. Open library is a part of free ebook torrent sites for online books that is also legal to use.

#3 Internet Archive

Internet archive website contains over 12, 000, 00 E-Books which are freely downloadable. It is an ocean of books where the different variety of books can be found. This site is a nonprofit website which lets people download free eBooks from its online library.

It is an online search engine that allows users search from over 466 billion pages on the internet which also contains books which have become obsolete and cannot be found anywhere else on the internet, used for academic and historical purposes.

#4 ManyBooks

ManyBooks lets users download free eBooks for their eBook readers from a collection of more than 33000 books. The added advantage this webmanybooks netsite provides is the eye-catching front page that enables readers to browse through books by titles, languages, authors, latest reviews, etc.

Many Books delivers various other free stuff too but lets users read on multiple digital eBooks learning platforms like eReaders, Ipads, Kindle and Nooks. Manybooks is a genuine contender for me in the collection of best ebook torrent sites online.

#5 Library Genesis : ebook torrent site

Library Genesis is a Russian website which is a search engine that helps people to download articles and Books related to science and technology. In the category of eBooks Library Genesis is a website based on the unique concept which allows users to download pay walled contents for free.

This website also lets users download PDFs for free from the Elsevier’s Science Direct website. Although this website is facing continuous legal issues because of the pirated access provided to various books and articles, the site continues to function through multiple domains.

#6 Free Book Spot

If you have the commendable zeal for reading books, then Free Book Spot is the one-stop destination on the internet that can satisfy all your needs. This website has a vast online collection of 5000 free eBooks. Free Book Spot allows users to choose from their large 96 categories occupying 71.91 GB. A place that every user must consider for their table of top ebook torrent sites in present era.

The best thing about this website is that a user does not even need to register on this website for downloading hundreds of free eBooks based on Science, fiction, engineering and many more.

#7 Free eBooks

Free eBook is the best platform for the people who love to keep track of and read books from new authors. This website offers the full range of eBooks from independent writers on various topics such as fiction or self-help business growth.

This website is very user-friendly which allows users to choose from the options like latest arrivals, featured eBooks, Top 10 list or the latest audiobooks. You have the privilege of selecting the best books from various categories such as health, romance, humor, business, drama, fiction and many more.

All you need to do is to visit the website and register yourself to activate your free account and browse through the different categories of eBooks, or you can search for eBooks in the search bar, there is also an option provided on the website for selecting the TXT or PDF format.  This platform is known a older element of top ebook torrenting sites online.

#8 BookBoon : e-book torrent site

BookBoon is the ideal platform for the travelers who like to read while on the go or for the students who need books related to their academic subjects. The site is straightforward to use and does not require any registration. The site offers the user to download more than 1000 free eBooks from educational to business books in PDF format.

#9 EBook Bike

Ebook Bike is also a great website where you can download free online eBooks. It provides an extensive collection of free audiobooks and novels for users to read. On Ebook Bike you can search, browse through various categories of eBooks and it also gives you the option of uploading new creations, which can be shared on multiple social media platforms as well.

#10 Feedbooks

Feedbooks allows a user to download 1000s of free eBooks you have to register yourself and create an account. These free E-Books are available in the public domain of the website. You need to must take a look that place if you are searching the answer for best ebook torrent sites yet after completing the nine other top e-book torrenting sites in this article.

The website also has a premium domain also where paid eBooks are available but not to worry the public domain on the site has loads of free eBooks for users who do not want to spend money for the reading.


These were some of the e-book torrent websites  where you can find various free eBooks on various topics and categories. So visit these e-book torrenting sites as early as possible and enjoy reading your favorite books I hope this information will be useful to you.

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