Effective Ways To Boost Your Google Ranking This 2020

If there’s one thing businesses can’t do without in this day and age, it’s having a powerful online presence. We live in a time where people spend most of their time online, whether it is on the different social media platforms or search engines, and it’s there that companies need to make an impact. The internet has made a lot of difference in the reach any business can get, but that won’t matter if you don’t do what’s necessary to become visible to people online, and that means improving your search engine ranking, basically.

These effective ways will help you boost your Google ranking in 2020.

Optimize your content

It is a safe bet that most businesses –– or the successful ones at least –– have a website, and one of the best ways to rank higher in search engine results is by optimizing content on that website. People want to come across interesting and engaging content online, and if your website doesn’t provide them with that, they will not stick around. You have to constantly provide them with fresh and interesting articles to keep them intrigued, and if you do that, they will stick around long enough to become leads, and more importantly, they will come back. You can’t really expect people to be invested in a website with the latest entry dated 2017, no matter how good of an entry that was.

Website speed and navigation

Google puts a lot of weight on user experience when it comes to search engine ranking, and one of the worst ways to give your visitors a poor user experience is by having slow-loading pages. People certainly won’t wait around for each page to load in half a minute; they’d just look for another website that loads faster. So, it is imperative that you optimize your website’s speed to give users the best experience possible. Navigation also makes a huge difference; if people are interested enough in what you have to offer, they will want to take an action. And you have to make it easy for them to take such action, which means your site’s design and interface need to be simple and to the point.

Leverage local listings

It is crucial that you rank higher in the local search results, because this how people around you in the area could find your business. For that to happen, you need to leverage local listings like Google My Business, which is the best free tool you could use to become visible in local search results. As you can see if you click here, GMB allows you to add very important information that users will be looking for, like business address, name, contact information, location on Google Maps, and other details. This makes it much easier for people to find you. The more accurate information you add, the higher you’ll rank, and the more leads you’ll get.

Email marketing

Email marketing is by far one of the most important and powerful digital marketing techniques, yet it is often overlooked by plenty of businesses. If you have a solid mailing list, based on their search patterns and other data you can get, courtesy of Google, you can create personalized emails with your services/products. This makes a huge impact to users, as the emails will contain products they are already interested in. This is why email marketing can generate a lot of traffic to your website, which in turn means your search engine ranking will improve.


This is an SEO strategy where you have other relevant websites refer to yours through a link in an article, for example. This is also a very effective way to boost your ranking because Google takes backlinking seriously as it shows that your business is reliable and referenced across other blogs and websites. You need to be extremely careful, though, not to try and use backlinks in shady websites, because this can do more harm than good. If Google finds out you’re trying to get illegal or shady links to your website, this could irreparably damage your ranking.


Properly using keywords is one of the most popular and effective search engine optimization strategies out there. It is quite simple really. If you want people to find your business, you have to mention relevant keywords that they might use while searching for your services –– a plumber, for instance, would mention words like plumbing, leaking pipes, blocked pipe, and so on.

Search engine optimization can take your Google ranking –– and in turn your business –– to the next level, if you do it right. It is best that you hire professionals who specialize in SEO so they could help you get better rankings, and in turn more leads.

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