Electric-Regulated Standing Desk You need to Try

Usually, people prefer to sit at a table rather than to stand next to it when working. However, recent automation tendencies show that office equipment is nowadays increasingly renewed with the electric-regulated standing desk for work. This technology allows fulfilling office duties while standing, and in the usual sitting position. This helps hardworking persons to avoid unwanted consequences of the hard work in the sitting position, which negatively affects the general well-being of employees as well as their ability to concentrate on the work tasks.

How it Looks Now

The ancestors of tables for standing work can be considered wooden desks, the first of which appeared a few centuries ago. Well-known scientists, writers, and public figures worked next to such primal standing desks. Such furniture could be seen in banks, insurance, and trading companies, as well as other institutions.

Modern motorized standing desks for office work at a computer are fundamentally different from those ancient ones. They are functional, ergonomic, have a presentable appearance and a lot of additional devices for maximum efficiency. There are models designed to be used by ordinary employees and those designed as multifunctional workstations that can be used by different people. This technology is used for both office purposes and for home implementation.

Standing Desks – Solid & Reliable Design

To make sure that standing desk models are in demand, just look at the page of the Progressive Automations online constructor Progressive Desk. In the catalog, you will see a wide variety of products that differ in design, functionality, number, and type of supports, material and other features.

The table frames for standing desks’ workstations are most often made of durable alloys. This is in order to cover the lifting columns linear actuators with the reliable material that would prevent the malfunctioning of these complicated electric mechanisms. In order to increase the table frames wear resistance, they are coated with powder paint or mirror chrome. Critically important nodes of the adjustment mechanisms are also made of durable materials because they have a considerable load. For the manufacture of countertops, laminated chipboard is usually used.

Functional Features of Electric-Regulated Standing Desks

Wide functionality is the most important feature of tables for standing work. All products are equipped with a linear actuator mechanism that makes it possible to adjust the height of the tabletop. When visiting the Progressive Desk online constructor, automation fans can see that all motorized standing desks are equipped with the reliable linear motion automation mechanisms that allow smooth and silent tabletop height adjustment anytime a customer wants. These automated electric-regulated office tables for standing work at the computer, if desired, can be equipped with a number of additional devices. This, for example, charging, socket blocks with connectors of various kinds, monitor mounts, etc.

Workload capabilities of this mechanical office equipment allow placing on their surface heavyweights of up to 880 Ibs (400 kilograms). This can be a few computer monitors and large LCD TV monitor at the same time. Other office equipment and everything important for the relevant office work. Customers can even freely lean on and sit on these standing desks not fearing that their multifunctional furniture will surrender to such a challenge. 

Automation solutions offered by Progressive Desk represent the perfect example of durable work on office furniture perfection. Solid materials in combination with stylish designs and the inspired group of automation professionals made these standing desks solutions easy to get at affordable prices with zero risks to regret about the purchase. Customers who use standing desks should not worry about the reliability of their automated office furniture for standing work. These products will serve a long life without loss of functionality.

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