Essay Writing: A Boring Routine or A Great Skill to Master?


The skills you learn at college might not completely relate to the jobs you might get in the future, but they are a useful foundation of your knowledge. Essay writing, for example, helps students write their resumes with ease, create accessible content, complete research papers for publishing, and so on.

For those who struggle writing no matter how hard they try, an essay service can help with different subjects, including mathematics. It is definitely worth a shot, and the service is very affordable.

Moving on, here is a list of the pros and cons of essay writing, how it can benefit students, and where it falls short.

Pro: Writing Helps Cognitive Abilities

When students regularly write essays, they can enhance their cognitive abilities outside essay writing. The reason is, writing an essay requires mental effort, which, in turn, challenges the brain and improves focus. It can:

  • have a positive impact on organizational skills;
  • help students extract relevant information and disregard less important details;
  • improve memory;
  • improve language skills.

Pro: Improves Writing

Even if students use such helpers as EssayService, sooner or later, they will have to write a paper or two themselves. This is especially beneficial for those who aspire to be writers. The reason is, academic writing can help students to get used to formal writing. The latter, in turn, improves their vocabulary and challenges them to write in a more concise and refined manner.

Pro: Improves Research Skills

Just like essay writing can improve students’ writing skills, it can also improve their ability to do thorough and quality research. Mastering this skill is not only useful in academic writing, which is why it is extremely beneficial. 

Knowing how to conduct good research nowadays is crucial. The internet is filled with information, which is a blessing and a curse. By improving their research skills, students can also develop their critical thinking and discern credible sources from the poor ones. Moreover, research can enable open-minded, unbiased, and fair thinking. 

Pro: Learn Deeply About A Topic

Essay writing is not the most exciting activity, but it can genuinely have a positive impact on anyone. When writing essays, students get to cover topics that they are interested in. Research obligates students to learn a subject in-depth, which at the end of the day, makes most students more knowledgeable. 

Knowledge is power. Covering a topic that might be helpful to your personal goals/interests can propel students forward with more confidence and book smarts.

Con: Academic Writing Is Rigid

Essay writing might be beneficial, but it is just not for everyone. Academic writing is notoriously well-known for its rigidity. There are many rules to follow, a certain writing style and vocabulary have to be used depending on the type of assignment. Moreover, students need to follow strict rules of formatting and referencing styles that differ based on the subject/major and academic level. 

Writing can be fun and expressive, it can stimulate creativity. However, academic writing can feel constraining and dry, which might turn off some from writing at all. 

With all the rules students need to abide by when producing an academic paper, they might miss out and not realize that they have made mistakes here and there, which could lead to a lower score. It is better to write up a rough draft before tackling the final version. 

Con: It Can Be Difficult To Some

Essay writing is difficult for students who have problems with writing in general. The reason is, it requires students to write while adhering to strict rules that include syntax, style, and much more. Moreover, essay writing requires students to write a specific number of words and to submit it on a deadline. All of these requirements might prove challenging, stressing, and even daunting to some. 

However, this is not to discourage any students. Practice makes perfect after all. Sometimes, asking for help makes a huge difference.

To Sum Up 

Essay writing can sometimes feel tedious, but it is actually a good place to start learning and honing your skills. Besides the constraining rules, essay writing can enable students to get comfortable with their writing, find their own style, learn how to research, plan, and structure texts, and meet deadlines. There is a silver lining to everything, and it is up to each student to make the most out of what they learn. 

For aspiring writers, any type of writing is a chance to excel in their own personal journey. Creative writers might not be interested in technical and dry academic writing, and vice versa. Still, there is always a lot to learn if you are open to experiencing any kind of writing.

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