5 Five Essential Steps in Writing a Personal Essay

A personal essay is a daunting task. You have just started at university and now you are being told to write an essay about yourself. The objective is to test your abilities in regards to the language which you are studying. Don’t panic, you can do this. So it shouldn’t be all that difficult to talk about yourself so there are just a few main things to remember when writing this personal essay.

What is a personal essay? It is an autobiographical piece of writing that connects the writer with the reader in detailed journeys of their life and how they were shaped by the world.

The best part is we are going to break them down;

One: Know basic essay writing

The easiest and most obvious step is to know how to write an essay. It is rather simple and we are doubtful you don’t remember but we are going to break it down regardless.

Intro – Introduce yourself and list, in an appealing manner, some basic information about yourself.

The Body – Discuss yourself allowing each paragraph to be a different point about you, your life, your accomplishments and so on.

The Conclusion – Summarize whom you are because of these previously mentioned points.

Remember to talk about yourself in a fun and interesting way and that is where step two came from.

Two: Writing Using your voice or a specific tone

Writing a personal essay means that it is personal. Therefore, you should feel free to write in a more casual and interesting way. Sometimes our lives are not as interesting as we would like so an interesting tone can sometimes distract from the void of interesting content. Sometimes writing in a different tone is also cathartic for the writer to unleash someone whom they believe they aren’t.

Three: Specific events and how they shaped you

Your life has moments in it that shaped the person you became, talk about that. Don’t shy away from something because you are afraid, allow yourself to be vulnerable in the writing. Discuss how the even made you feel and how it made you think.

Through taking the audience on a journey of your thought pattern they become slightly closer to you and this is, as said before, a personal essay. The main objective is to make people interested in you and your life even if only for a few pages. This is not a difficult task, the tone will help you tell your most interesting stories in a calm and casual manner.

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Four: Current events and how you relate to the world we live in

Consider the world in its current state as well as over the years in which you group up. How has society and societal norms shaped your views and opinions? The world can be very much geared towards making men and woman be one or the other. Promoting ideas of a perfect family and not straying from the bible. Discuss to your relationship with the real-world crises and how they have affected your childhood.

Often we can relate back to how the world is now and how far it has come. While far from perfect the world is a very different and diverse place and these things all affect us in some way or another.

Five: your journey, your struggles and who you are now

Through your writing find a way to explore yourself a bit more too. How have these events shaped your life and how are you moving forward because of them? You can treat this essay as not only the reader learning about you but also you are learning about yourself.

Sometimes when we are explaining to others how we feel, our plans, our ideas and more we begin to find ourselves answering questions about how we feel towards these same situations. It is a journey for you and the reader.

Be sure when you do this that you don’t lose sight of that journey and remember to keep writing about yourself for people who don’t know you. Focus on your grammar, word usage and punctuation.

Personal essays are not as difficult if you are thinking they might be. Focus on writing and add in your skills then you will find yourself writing something that will blow away your professor. Now go forth and expose yourself!

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