5 Essential Things to Bring for Work and Travel

Thinking about all the stuff you have to bring with you on a daily basis can be dizzying. There’s your cell phone, your laptop, your keys, your charger, your notes, etc. It’s even worse if you’re traveling. There’s a definite overwhelming feeling when packing for a trip, whether it be for business, or for leisure. We either pack too much and don’t use any of it, or we forget things. There has to be a happy medium. Fortunately, you have us.

Here is a list of the 5 essential things you to bring for both work and travel so you’re never in a situation where you forget something big.

The Laptop Backpack

If you’re a working adult today, chances are you have a laptop. Whether it be protocols and laboratory methodologies, or a comedy set,  the chances are you have them stored in your personal, portable computer. With all the important stuff inside, a sturdy laptop backpack is the most sound investment you can make. Not only does it have room for your laptop, the designers intuitively know the other accessories you’re going to bring. That means pockets for cords, notebooks, microphones, etc.

The Toiletries Bag

In 2019, a lot of us have a fairly active lifestyle. We see instagram models and CrossFit athletes on our feed and think: “I need to get outside more.” Fitting in exercise means you’ll need to shower on the fly before going back to work, home, etc. A toiletries bag is your godsend in this department. People always forget a shower essential when they go to the gym. Either that, or they bring their whole bathroom. Having a toiletries bag keeps everything nice, clean, and organized.

The Passport Sleeve

How many times have we scrambled through our bags searching for our passports? It’s always when someone important needs to see it, too. And in our unorganized bags, it could be anywhere. We know we have it, though. This is what having a passport sleeve is super handy. It adds bulk to an important item. That’s the whole point. It’s less about protection—a beat up passport looks cool by virtue of it being used often, and more about knowing where to find it.

The Powerbank

It’s well documented that we’re all addicted to our devices. It’s just a fact of life nowadays. You’re probably reading this on your phone. We consume most media that way. Given this fact of existence, we can’t be bothered with the mini freak outs of having low battery. That’s just too much to bear. Having a portable power bank gives us peace of mind when it comes to our most valued windows to the world.

Coin Purse

Probably the most underutilized and overlooked daily essential is a coin purse. If you’re traveling, or going to work, a big clunky wallet may not be the best option. If you keep in your back pocket, it can even cause some serious postural misalignment. If you keep it in your purse, you know how unnecessarily heavy those things can get. For a daily carry: some cash, a few coins, and a debit/credit card will do just fine. And all of that can fit in a convenient little pouch.

All of the above items were mentioned to make your life moving seamlessly. It’s to keep you from thinking you’ve forgotten something, or get overwhelmed by the multitude of stuff. It’s about downsizing, prioritizing, and utilizing so hopefully, you can find your happy medium.

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