Everything You Need to Know About HLR Lookups

What is HLR Look up and Why To Use It in SMS Marketing

While creating the customer data bank, one may face some mistakes. Phone numbers may change, which will cause the database to contain incorrect information. There are also duplicate contacts or random landline phone number. Problems may often arise due to the change of an operator if a user keeps his number; in such cases, you will not be able to know exactly which operator the contact belonged to.

It is difficult to sort on a database with too many numbers. To facilitate the work with the bank of contacts, it is recommended to use the IMSI code lookup, which will make phone number validation and searches easier.

Main HLR Lookup Features

The use of our service guarantees a lot of advantages:

  • it is possible to verify phone numbers regardless of the region of users’ residence;
  • the costs of sending SMS messages will be significantly reduced, since the messages will be sent only to valid numbers;
  • inactive numbers will be removed from the database.

You can make sure that all information in the compiled database is up-to-date and valid. Mobile number portability will no longer be a problem, and you will be able to send messages to customers who have changed their phone number.

The mobile number address verification service allows you to receive detailed information about each mobile number. It will contain the expiration date of a number, the location of a contact, user information, and so on. You will be able to check whether your messages are being delivered and find out what actions the client performs with them (opens, sends them to spam, etc.).

If the subscriber is currently out of the network coverage, you will be able to send your message later to increase the chances of delivery. This will help you choose the best route for sending both text and voice messages.

How does phone number validation work?

The database contains all information about phone subscribers who have access to the GSM network. Information is updated when a new mobile number is activated by the operator. Such numbers are stored until subscribers stop using them. When the client stops using the mobile number, such information is automatically erased from the database. You will be able to start validating international phone numbers in a non-invasive way without notifying customers.

Such methods can improve the effectiveness of the chosen marketing strategy. The contact list remains clear and up to date, so bulk messages will be delivered to the addressees.

To sum up

The best way to send bulk SMS messages is to pre-check subscriber numbers. This will ensure that users are online and will read your notification. It will allow you to increase the probability of a positive response and the conversion rate of your site.

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