Access Facebook Full Site Or Desktop Version On Mobile

Do you want to view Facebook full site or desktop version on your handset device? Then I am ready with my guide that can help you to achieve the result. As a mobile user, you knew that when you open the Facebook general site in your mobile. It will redirect to the mobile version site with mobile Facebook URL.

This experience is the common thing with modern mobile devices and browser. However, people who use Facebook for business purpose or their practical purpose want to access the Facebook full site on smartphones. For them, I collect some solution so that they can stream the Facebook desktop view everywhere.

The Facebook full site is easy to get on the android and iPhone devices by setup some things. Some guides offer the complex solution for Facebook desktop site login portal on modern instruments. I run some Facebook pages for my client and business and want the to access Facebook desktop site on android phone that I owned.

My laptop’s hard drive was not running from some days that is the reason I use my mobile. However, I tried various setting and options on Facebook and did not receive any proper presentation.

The Facebook desktop website is used on mobile in case you want to set things related to profile, groups, pages. Settings of any site are the complex, and the little bit is hidden from the general user.

Facebook Full Site Access On Mobile {3 Ways}

facebook full site

To make Facebook mobile version faster, Facebook also hide some properties and attributes of the FB desktop site from the mobile users. In each case, you required this guide that can help you to open Facebook desktop mode on your android and iPhone devices.

In the ways, I will give you instructions to set the browser settings or use some specific URLs to reach Facebook full site.

1. Open Facebook Desktop Site Using Specific URLs

Facebook is an organization that always think about their consumer and their experience. So, they contain a solution for Facebook full desktop site on mobile. You need to search for some specific URLs that I will mention. To reach the Facebook full page, enter the URL in your browser’s text field and press the enter button.

After going through this URL, Facebook will not send you to the mobile website; It will open the full desktop view on your device (android or iOS depends on platform).

To complete this process, you do not need any external application and do not require any setting change. If you are the non-technical guy and want a straight method for Facebook full site, then use it. So, Now I am Giving you URL and steps to reach the desired result.

1. Open any browser that you are using on your phone.

2. Enter the following URL Value: into the text field and enter.

3. To avoid mistake copy the URL on your clipboard and paste it into the browser search field.

4. After pressing the enter icon from the keyword, it will open a Facebook desktop site on your mobile.

5. Use the landscape property so that you can view the broader view on your smartphone device.

2. Access Facebook Full Website Using Browser’s Setting

Now, I focus on the browser setting; the last one is the direct method. This method also helps you to work with other social media sites too. It can allow all mobile site into the desktop version on your device. In the present, people use mainly chrome and safari for their internet surfing.

Android and iOS are the primary mobile device operating system in the current that means their browser are favorite. So, My main focus is towards these browsers and what setting will reach the destination result.

Using Chrome Browser

In this section, I will share the settings and configuration combination for google chrome browser. It will help you to reach the full Facebook site on your mobile phone browser app. I think you understand that if you enter the in the Chrome browser, you will be redirected to the mobile page of FB.

However, after setting the chrome browser, you will not redirect to the page and stay on the Facebook desktop version. To get the answer, please follow the given instructions.

1. Open the Google Chrome browser app.

2. Tap on the browser setting button, and you can see the three dot on the upper part of the browser.

facebook desktop version chrome

3. After pressing the icon, a list of elements occurred on the screen.

4. Click on the “request desktop site” checkbox to allow the browser setting to open the Facebook desktop version in mobile app.

5. Refresh the browser or restart it and it offers you the same result that you are looking for.

Using Safari Browser

So, this step is useful for iPhone users and want the access of full Facebook site on their device. Safari browser is installed in the iPhone as their default browser. So, these steps may be crucial for people who use Apple devices.

You do not need to make a significant change; some simple step will create the path easier in streaming of Facebook desktop version for iPhone, iPad and other small apple devices. Follow these instructions.

1. Open the Safari browser in your apple device.

2. Press the button that is appearing in the middle of icons in the lower side.

3. After it, a new window will look with some setting option of the browser.

4. Click on the tab of “request desktop site” to get the Facebook desktop mode.

5. Use the above steps in the following manner that I wrote.

3. Other Options to Use Facebook Desktop on Mobile

In other options, I consider some external browser apps and systems that are common with some folks.

UC browser and Firefox app are used among the numerous users, and I prepared a way to open Facebook full site on these browsers. You need, and it gives you the full desktop version of Facebook on your android or other OS.

So, I want to complete all the ways and steps, and It will help every reader of this site to achieve the Facebook full site login page on their respective screens.

In UC browser And Firefox App

To use the Facebook desktop mode on the mobile, you can take help from the UC browser or firefox application. I create some instructions to solve the way that can easily be used for full fb desktop site.

UC browser

1.Start the UC browser app.

2. click on the setting icon and then press the browser setting button.



3. scroll down the page and push the website preferences.

4. Select desktop or mobile website version available in front of Facebook URL.

5. Refresh the browser and open the Facebook URL now and it will produce a complete look of Facebook full site on the system.



1. Press the Firefox app icon that will start the browser.

2. Click on setting and then tick the “desktop site” checkbox to allow the Facebook full site on your app.

facebook desktop mode on firefox

Last words

I wrote the three ways that will complete the people problem with Facebook desktop version for android and iOS nowadays.

Share the content, if you resolve the constraint you got in the path of assessment of Facebook full site in the present.

Thanks for Reading the instructions!

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