Facebook Search For People Without logging In {6 ways}

Facebook search for people without logging in, is it not a good idea for tech geeks. I think I love the idea and process. You can use it to find your friends faster as compare to conventional way.  People who keeps interest in tech and tricks will love it.

Do you want to use Facebook search for people without logging in? By using this method, you can search for your friends or family guys on Facebook. Sometimes you are in a hurry or not want to login in your account. However, there are people that you want to know about or searching for them. You can quickly get the solution after completion of this guide.

I want to search for some of my clients, but I do not want to log in my Facebook account everywhere. It can create security threats, and data can be stolen on the internet. Therefore, I use the following ways to access Facebook search for people without logging in.

You can also use this FB trick to show off in front of your friends. It is a little bit less known thing about Facebook in the communities. Direct search also gives you an option for general search; because when you search using your account then Facebook search results are related to your friend and connected people. In some case, we want to explore something by the overall prospect.

Facebook search for people without logging in

facebook search for people without logging in

People only know the traditional way of Facebook search that requires the login details, but this guide is going to break the thinking of some people who believe in the conventional way.

According to my thoughts, Facebook search for people without logging in the tip can help you in many ways on the internet. To strike this trick, you require to use any of my methods that I am going to explain after this paragraph.

1) People Search Option

I mentioned it previously that Facebook is a responsible organisation. It offers each solution and condition that their user wants to work. Therefore, Facebook prepares a similar thing in this condition, and you follow the web page that is designed for you. To use the inbuilt option you need to follow my instructions on your browser.

1. Enter the URL: facebook.com/people-search.php/ in your browser field.
2. You can search “facebook people search” keyword to get his page on search engine result.
3. Access the page with the following address that I discussed.

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It is the end of the first way that you can use for the Facebook search for people without logging in on the internet. You can use this page according to the main title that says the search for people by name. It means you are using Facebook people search directly without any connection with FB.

2) Using FB Directory

The Facebook directory is working to solve some additional problems for the various uses. You can use it to find the older pages, groups, and friends details that user used in more former days. It collects the pages and information related to them in the directory.

facebook directory method

In another way, It can help you to complete the process of Facebook search for people without logging in. This Facebook directory helps you to search the details of older friends and Facebook search by name. To use the index follow the steps given below.

1. open the web address: https://www.facebook.com/directory/people/ in your browser.
2. Go through the security check if you log in if not then go through and search for people there.
3. You can add the additional information of person like email and other by adding “+” phrase between them.

You can use it for Facebook phone number search and also by adding the value of it with the person name. This step is also full fill your desire to search Facebook without the account.

3) By The Help of Social Search Engine

Last two methods or I can say Solution is based on the Facebook functionality or support. Now, I am supplying you some external techniques to Facebook lookup.

social searcher

There is some specially designed search engine to find someone on Facebook. The search engine that I am going to tell you available free and gives top results. You can search someone’s post and their profiles on the social search engines.

1. Enter the URL: https://www.social-searcher.com/ and open the website.
2. you get a home page with a search bar.
3. Now you can search there with your person’s details and find the details.

4) Chrome And FireFox Add-ons

There are plugins for people who are searching for friends and people without logging in to the Facebook portal. You can use some chrome and firefox add-ons to complete your task on the internet. If you are using them, then you can take help from these add-ons.

They are just one click away to the browser. As you know, addons mostly work on the desktop browsers, so it is going to be a specific way.

Google Chrome Plugins

1. All-in-one Internet Search
2. All in one web searcher

Mozilla Plugins

1. People Search Engine

To add these plugins or add-ons your browser, add them by clicking the buttons “add to chrome” or “add to Firefox”. after that a notification pop up on the screen with the option of add extension button.

These add-ons will help you to proceed with your task of Facebook search for people without logging in.

5) Search engines

To find people on Facebook, you can directly take the help from Google, the Bing and Duckduckgo. To see a person or friend, search the name of him or her and add a prefix Facebook to get the FB result for the title. The same Thing can be processed with the help of Bing and Duckduckgo.

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In this step, you get the success only when your friend or the person keeps a little bit public profile on Facebook. In the present time, many people have the same name profile, so it is hard to right one, but trendy profiles always rank better on the search result.

6) Other Methods

I collect some videos and elements to describe you this method. In my opinion, you got the main answer from the last five option that I describe in this guide. However, Some people want to move in everything, and for them, I collect some answers using video representation on the internet.

Last words

Enjoy my words and help your self to reach this moving target related to Facebook search. Please share the methods with your people.

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