Find Social Media Influencers in Minutes

You’re here, so you have some sort of understanding of what a social media influencer is. You also have a fairly good impression of the power of social media influencers for a brand or business.

But what really is a social media influencer? Let’s give you a quick breakdown so that you’ve got a concrete understanding of the term. Simply put, a social media influencer is someone who influences or persuades others, like their followers, through social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and to a lesser extent, Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media influencers are not just huge celebrities that are ubiquitous in every household across the globe, like Beyonce or Cristiano Ronaldo. There are social media influencers with huge followings in pretty much every industry or niche – that means that lesser-known, or lesser followed sports, hobbies, music genres, etc. all have influencers who may not be a global name but are still highly-regarded within their own industry.

What can a social media influencer do for your business? They allow you to leverage their “star power” to increase your sales, lead flow, and, in turn, your stream of revenue. Let’s show you how to find the right social media influencer for you in minutes!

Find Social Media

Know Who You Want to Influence

Knowing who you want to influence means knowing and having a firm grasp on who your target audience or target demographic is. It’s one of the first things that you’ve done when starting and growing your business, anyway, so you’re really just going to be taking this idea, which you’re already quite familiar with, and applying it to the social media sphere.

Knowing your target audience in a social media setting means that you need to dig a little deeper and find out who they follow and where they consume content. Look at it this way – if your target demographic is the first time, expecting mothers in their 20s, you’re going to want to find out who this demographic follows, the online magazines and websites where they read reviews, and which is their social media platform of choice, for example.

This will start to show you where you need to be looking. Soon enough, a number of popular social media influencers in that particular sphere will become apparent. Maybe you wouldn’t have even heard of them before, but they could be very influential in the market that you want your business to appeal to.


Are Those Influencers Right for Your Business?

Now that you’ve become acquainted with a few personalities who are powerful influencers in your market, which one(s) do you choose? There are a number of factors that you’ve got to consider before reaching out and negotiating a deal with an influencer if you want to spend the resources to put your brand out there through their channels.

Reach – Basically, reach is all about the size of the influencer’s audience. In other words, how many people see an influencer’s content. It’s a significant value indicator in the world of social media marketing, where influencers can cost a pretty penny. The number of their followers can give you an idea of the number of potential customers that your brand could reach. Fake followers, or paid followers, however, can also be a problem, so you need to look at this component with the two that follow.

Relevance – So, the influencer that you’re considering has a considerable reach, one that gets your heart pumping because of the potential that this brings. That number of followers will count for nothing if the influencer you’ve got in mind is not relevant to your target demographic. Yes, you want your product to appeal to soon-to-be mothers, for example, but it’s of no use if the influencer you’re reaching out to has followers comprised mainly of mothers from a vastly different class who don’t look for affordable products (your brand), but instead seek out premium, luxury products with price points to match.

Reliability – This is the other side of reach. Your potential influencer has reach, but are they reliable? Do they interact with their audience often? Or do you notice that there are huge numbers of likes on their posts, with close to no comments? It’s important to reach out to an influencer who is authentic and interacts with their audience. It displays a trusting relationship between the personality and their audience, meaning that their followers would be more likely to want to use products or services from brands they endorse.

Maybe you wouldn’t have even heard of them before, but they could be very influential in the market that you want your business to appeal to. If you feel like you’re not up for the task, you might want to consider brand ambassador programs. That way, you can rest assured that influencer agency will find you the right brand advocates.

Research and Reach Out

So, you’ve found the influencer that you want to pursue a professional relationship with, one who can really take your brand out there to the people who you know will love it!

Do a little more research to really make sure that everything is up to scratch. Sometimes, a huge following on social media can be for all the wrong reasons. Some influencers don’t have the best of reputations and get up to more questionable activities in their spare time. It’s easy to hide behind an online persona and have your thousands of followers only see one side of you, your life, and your lifestyle. Find out as much as you can, and if any red flags pop up, pop their name into Nuwber to find out if they’ve got any suspicious history or have been embroiled in public scandals or legal issues in the past. This is important when you’re planning to invest your money, products, hopes, and even your brand’s reputations with a personality.

Once you’re happy with that, reach out to them by simply starting a conversation. Start by commenting on their Instagram posts or replying to their tweets. Be noticeable and be authentic. Once you’re ready, hit them up with a direct message and get down to business. Explain why you think they’re a great candidate to represent your brand and be open about your terms and how you plan to collaborate. You’re now on your way!

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