Finding the Best iPhone Cases in 2020

According to the statistics, around 1.5 billion iPhone devices have been sold from 2007 up to the present time. Since then, you’ll see an iPhone anywhere held by people of all ages and status — from teenagers, working professionals to adults. No doubt that Apple, Inc would become one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world.

iPhones are known for their straightforward and minimalistic design. One way for users to spice up their devices is to use cases. These cases have various purposes that have deemed over the years as convenient and functional. Mainly, cases are used for the device to have protection in case it’s accidentally have slipped and fallen on the floor to avoid it from getting damaged. Due to developments, shock-proof and water-proof cases have been invented — more of that is to be discussed later. Aside from functionality, iPhone cases are known to add style and creativity to your devices. 

Best iPhone Cases

No matter what you’re looking for for a case, it is important to be guided on how you should shop for one and know all the different varieties that you could choose from. Here the factors that you should consider:

Some have pockets that can serve as card or money holders while some are a gadget of their own as they are built to mimic old-school game boy devices. You can also accesorize your phone with a practical phone leash wrist strap. It wraps around your wrist and allows a secure-yet-relaxed grip that will protect your expensive device from unfortunate drops.


Through the years, several types of materials have been used to create an iPhone case. They often differ in style, appearance, functionality, the protection it can provide, etc. Depending on which factor is more important to you, there’s an iPhone case that will suit your taste. There are cases made of:

  1. Polycarbonate or Plastic
  2. Silicone or TPU
  3. Leather
  4. Wood
  5. Metal
  6. Carbon Fiber


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty case that can provide full protection, then go for carbon fibre cases. However, these are usually on the pricier side. Wood cases, on the other hand, are durable as well and are often the choice of those who are environmentally conscious. Silicon cases are more affordable but still can give that average protection a device needs. The cheapest ones are the plastic iPhone cases and are more suitable for personalization. but they are not durable enough to protect a device from a shock. 


iPhone cases come in several designs. Some case companies offer customization where you can add any text and design you want. This allows users to choose what look would they want for their iPhone devices. The sky is the limit when it comes to iPhone cases designs.


The pricepoint for each case depends on the material used and amount of protection. Its name brand also adds a factor. The most basic and cheapest iPhone case can cost €1 but you cannot expect durability from that. Prices can go as high as €60 for those that can guarantee you full protection for your phone. However, there are still mid-range iPhone cases that both can have style and durability.

Other special features

Not only do iPhones get modernized and developed every single launch, but the cases also create a trend on their own. It started from the shockproof and waterproof cases that have revolutionized the use of technology wherever you are. There are iPhone cases that also serve as a portable wireless charger. Some have pockets that can serve as card or money holders while some are a gadget of their own as they are built to mimic old-school game boy devices. iPhone cases can literally be anything that a user needs.

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