Fortnite as an Esport: The Next Level

Fortnight just might be the most popular Esport in the world right now. It’s a household name, unlike other popular eSports like DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, everyone from little kids to 30-somethings have either the console, mobile, or PC version – if they are at all into gaming.

Fortnite is so popular that online sportsbooks have odds on all of the major tournaments, just like Sunday Night Football …

Records Broken

Epic Games has broken records in 2019. Fortnight so far has dished out the most money in prize pools this year at over 60 million dollars. Heck, just the Fortnite World Cup Finals awarded a whopping 33,637,500.00 dollars. All in all, Fortnite is scheduled to hand over 100,000,000.00 dollars in cash prizes by the end of 2019. That is an insane amount of money!

But the advertisement and sales revenue allows for it. So, that alone shows that it is the most popular game globally. Dota 2 is massively popular, especially in Asia, and they set their own record of 34,330,069.00 dollars this year for The International, but most of that was crowdfunded.

Fortnite, on the other hand, did weekly qualifiers where they dished out a million per week starting back in April. Then they dished out nearly 40 million at the World Cup Finals! Bugha, the winner of the solos portion is just 16! He took home 3,000,000.00 dollars in cold hard cash shortly after his mom threw away his console because he was ‘wasting’ too much time playing video games. How ya like them apples, ma?

Season X

Season ten and the Fortnite Championship Series just wrapped up. There has been a lot of back and forth about the mechs that even the playing field between a casual player and a pro, as well as the addition of bots. On top of that, B.R.U.T.E hasn’t been universally well-received and Epic Games is monitoring the effect the vehicle has on gameplay.

But all this doesn’t change the fact that Epic was dishing out another 10 million throughout Season x. They switched it up a bit with how teams qualify for the season finals by adding Series Points to based on each team’s final placement every week. MackWood1x won out and took the bulk of the prize money, then signed on to Team SoloMid almost immediately after.

What’s Next

Squads are next. At least as far as the next championship series is concerned. Epic will introduce a significant change in the format as the players will enter in squads of four players instead of the usual trios.

This could throw a wrench in the plans of many successful trio teams as they will now have to find a worthy fourth member. So, could we see various top members of the current leader-board teams leave to fill out other higher ranking teams squads, which would force the various duos leftover to join forces with other duos who had their top member leave? We’ll have to wait and see how this all works out. Some, like Bugha, were already prepared and upon Epic Games’ announcement of the impending change Tweeted out their squads,

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