Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair: Which One Is Ideal For Your Lifestyle?

Our lifestyles, whether at work or for entertainment, are largely tied-in with our computers. At least, for those of us who are in front of a computer screen for hours on end, day in and day out. And if you thrive in this kind of environment, it’s time to pay attention to how you sit, and what you sit on. 

After all, these two factors will have long-term effects on your body. Very specifically, your shoulders, neck, spine, and lower back. What chair is best for you? A gaming or an office chair? Here are some benefits of each one. Plus, read more with Chairs FX

Benefits Of Gaming Chairs 

Designed Like Race Car Seats

Before you raise your brow in skepticism, we’ve verified this. Experts have said that high-quality gaming chairs are actually designed the way race car seats are. To be precise about it, race car seats are the inspiration for gaming seats. 

They’re meant to hold you in place. The right way, that is. The manner in which your body contours on a seat can inadvertently have effects on your spine later on. Even more so with prolonged sitting. 

Gaming chair

Adjustable Back And Arm Rests 

This is a feature that not many chairs have. But for gaming chairs, being able to adjust them to your height and comfort is of the utmost importance. Mass-produced seats have the same measurements in length, width, contour, materials, etc. 

However, people are of different shapes and height. Having said this, there isn’t one single chair pattern that’s a one-size-fits-all. And because the option of going straight to a manufacturer to customize yours is going to be too impractical, the next best choice is to utilize something adjustable. 

Benefits Of Office Chairs

Ergonomic In Build 

Most office chairs today have been upgraded to have an ergonomic make. This simply means that it’s meant to have a particular contour that suits most (if not all) body types. The curve from your shoulders down to the base of your spine, the height of the armrests, the curvature of the seat itself plus its measurement against the floor— these are components what an ergonomic office chair should be. 

With this kind of back and body support, the risk of incurring musculoskeletal problems in the future may be lessened. 


In relation to the paragraph before, ergonomic office seats are excellent supports in improving your posture. Sitting for lengthy periods on an uncomfortable, non-ergonomic chair will prove harmful to your back if continued this way. Studies have shown that aside from chronic back pains, another disadvantage of the latter is spine misalignment. In other words, slouching or slumping. 

If untreated, it will the negative impact might become permanent. In stark contrast to this, an office chair is a solution to finally correcting your posture. And you won’t even be aware of it! Sit down in comfort and let your back be rid of strains and pressure. 

Furthermore, headrests are also a key hallmark in newer, more modernized office chairs. These will act as additional support to counter stiff-neck and shoulder muscle pain. 

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