Generating A Name For Your Jewelry Store

A names generator can prove to be quite helpful when there’s already so much competition around. However, make a mistake and you create the wrong perception of your store which is something you really don’t want. You can lose all your customers pretty quickly just because of a small mistake. Generating the right business name is tougher than you think but since it plays a crucial role in marketing, it’s something that you want to give serious thought to. The following are some pointers you want to keep in mind when you’re looking for a business name for your jewelry store.

Know Your Competitors

Before you use a names generator you want to know about your competitors in the jewelry store field. What are the names of your competitors and how unique are they? Since the jewelry industry is growing heaps and bounds you want to create a distinct name that people can associate you with. In order to do this, you want to know what names are already out there so you don’t end up using them.

You want to know about competitors and the names they use.

Focus On Simplicity

A complicated name that’s impossible to pronounce and that just deters people isn’t an ideal name you want to choose. When you’re thinking of names you want it to be simple so that it’s memorable and sticks to people’s minds easily. The next step will be creating a logo and so a simple name will be helpful in that case as it will make logo creation easier.

Put Thought Into Branding

When using a names generator you should think about your branding as well. You want to focus on how you want people to perceive your brand. This is extremely crucial because it helps you build a brand identity and this can help you get loyal customers in the long run. What is the message you want to send across through your jewelry store name? What are people going to think the moment they hear your jewelry store’s name?

Registration Of Trademark

You want to register your jewelry store name the instant you choose it. It’s a vital step that you should never forget. When you ensure trademark registration then it protects you from other people misusing your jewelry store name. This will help you from infringement as well in the future. You want to make sure that no one else has registered that jewelry store name. Once the registration of your trademark has completed you can then start with promoting your store after it.

Name That People Can Recognize

A names generator will enable you to think of names but the ultimate selection is your choice. You want to focus on a name that reflects the niche your store is focused on. Somehow you need to try and incorporate the niche into your jewelry store name so that people can instantly recognize what your store sells in particular. Try not to be generic in nature. The store name ties in with the logo that you will create for your store. They should seamlessly blend with each other.

List Names Before You Choose

While you may just know about ‘the one’ name that you think is perfect, it’s a good idea to brainstorm first before you choose. You will be surprised how creative your loved ones can be. You can get ideas from other people and then brainstorm to see which ones work and which ones don’t. Those names that are easy to remember and simple are ideal jewelry store names.

You want to list names and then choose.

Know Domain Is Available

When you use a names generator you want to know that the name that you choose has a domain that’s available. It’s best to choose at least five names so that you can check for the domain availability of each and then choose the one that’s perfect for your business. You want to focus on choosing a domain with ‘.com’ or domains that are specific for your country – like .au for Australia or .ca for Canada.

Want a names generator that’s simple and intuitive at the same time? You should check out Shopify’s free business name generator tool that enables you to find the perfect name for your jewelry store. Only type a word that you want your business name to have and the generator will give you a long list you can choose from. These names can even inspire you to create some of your own! You can then register the name of your brand on Shopify in three easy steps. This makes thinking of jewelry store names a lot easier for you.

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