GoGoPDF: an Easy to Use Word to PDF Converter

In the modern age of technology, it is quite important and convenient to have a tool that takes care of your file-related needs. With most companies exchanging files through the internet, you must know or have a file converter that will help you manage and access your files regardless of the file format.

If you want to know a reliable and easy to use converter tool, then GoGoPDF is the answer to your problem! It is extremely easy to use and navigate and does not require any app installment or download. But what is it with GoGoPDFthat makes it distinct from various PDF converter tools on the internet or in the market? Before we get to that, what is GoGoPDF?


It is a website where you can easily and quickly manage and edit your PDF files. It offers a wide array of file formats that you can convert to and from, such as Excel to PDF, HTML to PDF, JPG to PDF, PPT to PDF, or Word to PDF free of any charge. You can freely access GoGoPDF on any platform such as tablets or smartphones, enabling you to edit and convert your files on the go.

Since the corporate world is slowly shifting to go paperless, it is practical that you know how to use GoGoPDF. The website isn’t only for corporate uses, but also for students or anyone who wants to convert their files. GoGoPDFis not only limited to converting your files. It also offers other functions, such as adding page numbers, locking and unlocking PDF, compressing, merging, splitting, and many more.

GoGoPDF Key Features

Privacy Protection

GoGoPDF is committed to giving you the best services and giving you the best type of file encryption and security. GoGoPDF has installed the best type of Secure Socket Layer or SSL encryption technology to ensure that your files are encrypted as it moves along the internet. GoGoPDF guarantees to all of its users that your files are safe in their hands, and no one can access any sensitive information or data stored in your files.

In compliance with GoGoPDF’s privacy and data security policy, all the files you have uploaded into their system are deleted permanently after an hour. Since GoGoPDF is entirely accessed through your web browser, it eliminates all the unwanted and undesirable risk of your device getting any malware or viruses associated with app download or installation.

Quick Processing

If you have a steady connection to the internet, GoGoPDF can quickly convert your documents from Word to PDF and give you the highest quality you want for your files. GoGoPDF only converts a single file at a time to give you the best quality output each time you convert with GoGoPDF. It is worth noting that your upload and download speed also affect the rate of your conversion process.

GoGoPDF only has four steps whenever you use their Word to PDF converter, and it will only take you a maximum of two minutes for each conversion. The first step for you to do is to drag and drop your Word document into the converter box. Second, GoGoPDF will start converting your Word document to PDF.

The third step is for you to stand by until the conversion is finished. But just as we’ve said, you don’t have to wait for a long time whenever you convert with GoGoPDF. The final step is to save and download your new PDF file on your chosen storage device. You can also copy the link given to you after converting and share it on any of your social media accounts or in a cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Responsive Customer Service

This is perhaps the best feature of GoGoPDF. An accessible and very responsive customer service team. Not all PDF converter tools offer a customer service team that would aid you in achieving your task. It is more than happy to help you with any issue you might encounter while using their services.

On top of that, GoGoPDF’s customer service team is open to receiving customer feedback. They are committed to improving their services and making it easier for both new and frequent customers.


A quick search on your search engine will give you an abundance of PDF converter tools where you can convert your Word documents to PDF. But with GoGoPDF, you will not only get the best services and tools, but you will also get the best security and a responsive customer service team.

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