GogoPDF Online Tools: A Quick Guide to Manage Your Electronic Files Efficiently

When it comes to managing electronic files, most people find it challenging, and it sometimes causes them a lot of stress to be worn out. It’s understandable, especially if you lack expertise in dealing with these files. Hence, even the easy way of converting your existing electronic file to other file formats can be difficult for you.

However, with the help of technological advancement, the number of websites with free various services and file tools is significantly proliferating nowadays. The online platform that has been known to many people is GogoPDF. Here are the essential details about GogoPDF that will give you a quick guide to manage and organize all of your electronic files most efficiently.

File Converter

As mentioned earlier, if you lack expertise in dealing with electronic files, even the simple task of converting your files to other formats can be difficult for you. Don’t worry because GogoPDF has a free file conversion tool you can always use completely free of charge. You heard it right! It’s free, and you won’t be paying any single penny for using the tool.

You can convert your files in Excel, PowerPoint, or Word to PDF. If you want to use your PDFs to be your resource materials for your tasks, you can go ahead and convert the PDF to JPG. Even files in HTML can be converted to PDF as well. You can check the actual site of GogoPDF to find other file formats that can be processed for conversion that you might need for your future file activities.

File Merger

When it comes to organizing PDF documents, any new electronic files user can find it a demanding file task. However, with the use of the right tool, this organization file task becomes easy, and GogoPDF offers you its PDF file merger for free. The tool will surely be of so much help to make your computer file folders clean and well-organized.

Otherwise, you’ll see on your computer or smartphone’s screen all of the PDF files scattered everywhere. Because of this, it’ll surely give you a problem searching for a particular file you need that will usually take you so much time before you can finally find it. It’s pretty much sure that you don’t want to experience that.

Hence, go ahead and merge those PDF files you use to complete the same projects or accomplish the same tasks. If you have PDFs for personal use, you can combine them accordingly. By doing so, it’ll give you so much convenience in locating, retrieving, and accessing your needed PDF files because you would know where to specifically search for them in your computer file folders.

File Protect

It has always been part of effective file management to make all of your PDFs safe all the time. Many people out there may want to access and use your files for personal purposes without your knowledge. It may put all of the information your PDF files contain at risk. It’s something that can make you apprehensive, and you might worry about any possible problems in the future.

Hence, the only way to protect your PDF files is to set up a secure password. Just go to the official website of GogoPDF and upload your files on its PDF protection tool. Then, create a password, combining different numerals, letters, and other symbols you like. After that, the tool will embed and save the password you provided on the system.

Once the screen shows it’s done, download the encrypted PDFs on your computer drive or smartphone. Now, your PDF files are safe from any possible unauthorized access and use. Just make sure that you only give the password to those people you know personally or those who ask permission from you.

File eSign

Some important files might need your signature to make them original, credible, and valid. However, the use of PDF files seems to be infeasible to do so because you can’t just simply sign these files with a pen. Don’t worry because there’s a specialized online tool of GogoPDF that will let you sign your PDFs digitally.

The PDF eSign tool allows you to add your signature to your PDF files electronically. You can use the touchpad of your laptop or the computer mouse to sign your PDFs. Besides that, if you have an image copy of your signature, you can also upload it on the PDF eSign tool. Then, the system will save the changes you’ve successfully made on your PDFs. There you have it! All of your PDF files are now valid and credible with the signature you added to them.


Aside from the list of online tools discussed above, you can still find more on the official website of GogoPDF. Hence, if you’re one of those people who always manage tons of electronic files, go ahead and visit GogoPDF to see other useful tools and check other benefits you’ll get from using this online platform.

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