Handy Guide To Keep Your Devices Free From Malware

We are all diligent about viruses or malware attacking our computers. To secure ourselves from such a threat, we are constantly upgrading our firewall. However, many people do not make use of the same level of caution while dealing with their smartphones. If you think that your phone does not run the risk of a malware attack, then do know that the Kaspersky Lab has detected 82,000 variations of malware waiting to sabotage your phone at any moment?

To add more surprises to the mix, it has been noted that the growing malware attack trend is more focused on smartphones than on computers. Thus, this makes it all the more necessary for us to protect our smartphones. However, many a time, protection of smartphones can get very expensive, but don’t you worry, cause we have the best free malware removal techniques at your service which can help you safeguard your phone against the various threats that are lurking out there.

Make use of reliable app sources

The first thing you can do to protect your phone is to download your apps from a secure source. This especially goes out for Android users. As noticed, most Malware attacks are made on vulnerable Android users; thus, it’s essential to download the apps from a reliable store like Android Market or Amazon Appstore.

Effective malware protection

Just like there is virus protection for your computer, there are anti-virus programs available for your phone too. With technology becoming smaller and smarter, most of us have started to use the internet directly from our phones. This has substantially reduced the usage of laptops and computers.

This trend has led to the growth of the malware program directed to our phones. In that light, it has become necessary for us to protect our phones with effective anti-virus. In that light, Android users can download Lookout Mobile Security for Android phones. This program works well and bridges the firewall gaps, thereby protecting your device against any malware attack.

Password protection

The primary task of any malware is to disrupt the regular operation of your device and gather private and confidential information stored on your phone. Of course, data theft and crash is a major concern for people in the age of digitization. Thus, it’s crucial to protect the phone from any outside threat, using a password.

Though setting a password does not fall under a malware protection program, it is surely spyware protection and works great to ward away any form of intrusion. While a password may seem like a big hassle when the device is used multiple times a day for various purposes, it’s significantly effective.

Updated operating system

It’s important to update the operating system as soon as the new version enters the market. Though many of us may not know, running an outdated operating system can give rise to the risk of a malware attack.

A lot of effort is put in by the systems developers who work very hard to upgrade the system and provide protection to the operating system. However, one cannot make use of that protection if the system itself is outdated.

If you wish to protect your device against the impending dangers of malware, these are the steps that must be followed.

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