Every computer comes with a pre-installed hard drive, which is called the Internal Hard Drive. When it comes to expanding PC storage space, you come across the choice between upgrading this internal hard drive or connecting an external hard drive to it. Although neither is harmful, there are significant benefits of having one over the other depending on your work style.

To better decide which one to choose, let’s look at the pros and cons of both Internal and External Hard Drive:

Internal Hard Drive

An Internal Hard Drive can be of two types – Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD). An HDD uses a rotating disk to store and retrieve information. The faster the hard drive spins, the better the computer performs. These hard drives can provide massive amounts of storage. On the other hand, an SSD provides better speed, durability, and security but less storage capacity.

Advantages of an Internal Hard Drive over an External Hard Drive –

  1. These drives are connected directly to the motherboard interface and hence allow the data transfer at a faster rate as compared to external hard drives connected through USB cables.
  2. Internal hard drives offer better performance and storage capacity at an affordable price than external hard drives.
  3. Internal hard drives eliminate the stress about files not being there when the computer starts and reduces the hassle of regular scheduling of backups.
  4. Internal hard drives can be easily upgraded within the computer and are not exposed to dust and risks of falling or getting misplaced. Hence, better safety is ensured as compared to an external hard drive.

External Hard Drive

An External Hard Drive is the right choice if you need a portable solution for data storage. Unlike the Internal Hard Drives, these are connected to a computer via USB or FireWire cable. External hard drives are available invarious capacities, and some can even connect to the WiFi to allow storage from multiple computers on that network. Various types of External Hard Drives include CD, DVD, Memory Card, Pen-D, etc.

Advantages of an External Hard Drive over an Internal Hard Drive –

  1. External hard drives are portable and very lightweight, which is appropriate for those who travel often.
  2. External hard drives are transportable and can be connected to any computer without any special formatting.
  3. Expanding an external hard drive does not require any technical knowledge or particular installation. It is a hassle-free task to connect an external hard drive to your computer as and when required.
  4. An external hard drive is not just used to expand the computer storage space. It is often used to add extra security to the PC’s internal hard drive as filesnternal hard drive as files stored on internal hard drives can be hacked or corrupted easily.

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