7 Hassle-Free Website Updates to Boost Your Local SEO

One of the challenges for any website owner is to make a website that can stay above their competitors. While it is a difficult task to adapt constantly to the online market, it can be worth it once your website gains traffic and good ranking.  There are website updates that you need to do if you want your online presence to be known and help you stay above the competition. To name you a few, here are seven website updates that you can do to boost your local SEO.


Have you registered your website on Google My Business? Google My Business is one of the most recommended tools that website owners can use to increase and to authenticate their online and physical presence. Google My Business allows users to see your business profile when they are trying to search your business. If you have a physical address, Google My Business allows you to display your location, store hours, pictures of your business, and website address.

With Google My Business, customers can post their reviews, which can help you make improvements. This online tool can let users see what your business is about by allowing you to post pictures about the daily routines of your business. Furthermore, with Google My Business, customers can easily find your location, which can allow you to expand your business. Also, this tool is free and has an online application in which you can update your business profile when necessary.


The name says it all. Google Analytics is a free tool developed by Google in which website owners can monitor and analyze their website traffic. With Google Analytics, you can see you whether you have effective marketing strategies or not. Also, you can discover where your main traffic is coming from by this tool. With Google Analytics, you can measure the user’s time on your website, bounce rates, mobile traffic, site speed, and you can know the demographics of your visitors.


Is your website mobile friendly? Having a mobile-friendly website is a must-have update today. In terms of Internet use, there are more mobile phone users than desktops and laptops users, which means that you can increase your rankings better by making a mobile-friendly website. When customers use your website on a mobile phone, make sure that your website is responsive, user-friendly when clicking buttons, readable, can easily switch to the desktop version and has a fast loading speed.


Making the perfect title, Meta tags and URL is one of the most essential steps for making your online presence known. It may sound easy and simple, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

  • Title – It is important to make a title that catches the attention of the user. Make a title that includes keywords from your content, is unique, simple, and can be searched easily.
  • Meta tags – Make a description that has enough information that can entice the user to click your website. Meta tags have a limit of 155 characters, thus, be sure that these include keywords that describes your content.
  • URL – When making an URL, make one that is short, simple, relevant and easy to remember. You can include keywords in your URL and use hyphens to separate words.


One of the most useful ways that website owners do to make website updates is to create a wider digital market. With the availability of social media sites like Facebook, website owners can make a business page using Facebook. By doing this, website owners can now expand their online presence to users who frequently use Facebook. Also, there are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies that dedicate themselves to making sure your website has good rankings.


Some website owners tend to disregard the importance of making sure that their website is secured. If your website is not yet secured, then do not wait for search engines like Google to penalize you. Search engines, like Google, can make you lose your rank and traffic if your website is not secure. One of the elements that Google will look for is the SSL certificate of your website, which is indicated by the acronym:  https. In addition to your SSL certificate, make sure that your website has security plug-ins and firewalls that protect it from hackers. If you are selling different products, having a secured website will let users know that it is safe to enter personal data into your website.


One of the most important aspects of a website is that it has to adapt to the taste and trends of today’s market. Most of the time, users tend to stay away from websites that have out-of-date content, functionality, and theme. Make sure that your website has updated codes that conform to the algorithm of search engines. Check the code of your website if it still has a fast loading speed and is responsive.


Tired of managing your own digital market? Well, you must know that there are companies that help website owners expand their online presence. If you are looking for one, then choose Search Media. The company has the right tools and software to give you an edge over your competitors. Contact them now, and make your business known!

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