The Top 5 High Paying Business Certifications

Industries like Business, Teaching, Information Technology, and Management are globally identified as the high remuneration sectors provided that the management and business professionals are certified through relevant and recognized business certifications. The posts being provided by top companies are thus given after screening the profiles of applicants on the basis of proper certifications.

These professional certifications actually give assurance to the companies that the individuals are true professionals in their field who possess the proper knowledge and idea in the field. Hence, business and IT firms are willing to pay more in order to bring out the best from the professionals and achieve their overall organizational goals.

There are a number of professional certifications available today but not all of them are authentic in nature. Only a handful of these certifications are actually considered worthy and given a thought over by business firms. Here is a rundown of the Top five High Paying Certifications that are in demand now.

Professional certifications are globally recognized and add more value to your CV. It improves your job opportunity and provides you with a hike in salary and with immense knowledge about the subject matter.

Below given are the top high paying business certification which will help an individual to get better opportunities and vast knowledge about the subject matter? If you are working and want to improve your position just add a Professional Certificate in your CV your doors will open.

ITIL Certification:

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library as that name applies it’s an accumulation of worldwide prescribed procedures for IT Service Management so you are gaining from the aggregate encounters of different people in different circumstances that have been classified into a lot of standards. It gives an extensively known structure and gives a typical vocabulary all around with the goal that you can impart and see each other in the best way.

It was first begun by the UK Government in the late 1980s and refreshed to adaptation 4 as of late on Feb 2019 which is the present variant. ITIL V4 focuses on business esteem, procedure. ITIL V4 foundation certification will assist you with giving quality answers for genuine IT issues. The salary of an ITIL certified professional on an average is $60000 per year. There is no specific requirement for an ITIL certification examination.

The best IT practices are carried out for companies by ITIL certificates. Optimization and reduction of investment cost increase customer satisfaction, improve the ability and productivity of IT staff all these are also done by ITIL certificates.

PMP Certification:

PMP stands for Project Management Professional the certification is offered by PMI the Project Management Institute. Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, is an industry recognized qualification for the project managers. PMP helps you get the experience, knowledge, skill, and competency required to handle and lead a project. There is a need for a Project manager in every industry. The skill of a project manager when seen if you have the PMP certificate can work in favor of you. A Project Manager with PMP certification will always get the preference above the one who is not having any kind of certification.

With the increasing demand for project managers, there is an increase in the pay scale too. PMP Certification is amongst the high paying business certification.

When you appear for PMP exam you must know the vocabulary given in PMBOK Guide book. PMP examination needs commitment, dedication, and thorough preparation. Being a global level examination, it has global recognition and is difficult to clear if given proper time. To give PMP examination one needs to have more than 5 years of experience as a project manager.

PMP certificate increases your opportunity to get a better high paid job, get the promotion, good salary and recognition on a global basis.

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP):

Certified Business Analysis Professional is a certification provided by the International Institute of Business Analysis. For business analysis certification IIBA has always been the form runner if you are interested in analyzing business needs and coming up with a solution this course can give you a vast knowledge about how to master in it.

CBAP is an advanced level certification which needs experience of at least 5years in the field of business analysis. According to the norms, a person needs to have 7500 hours of business analysis gained over the last 10 years. IIBA provides a BABOK guide and 900 hours out of 7500 needs any four out of six knowledge areas mentioned in BABOK Guide Version 3. One needs to have professional development credits for at least 35 hours earned over the last 4 years with references.

The CBAP exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions, mostly related to case studies. This exam will give you vast knowledge to tackle real-life business problems and will give you the confidence to take out solutions.

There is a requirement of recertification every three years which will be provided only if you have any evidence to show that you are going through sufficient ongoing professional development. Once an individual qualifies the exam and gets the certificate of CBAP they are obliged to follow with the associated Code of Ethics.

CAMP Certificate:

CAPM stands for Certified Associate in Project Management are given by the Project Management Institute. CAPM is recognized around the globe and it is about building a skill for managing all kinds of projects from IT to business projects. There are a lot of project management vacancies and requirement in business.

Getting CAMP Certificate will give an individual a perfect knowledge and expertise. This global certification does not take a long time and can be received within a short period with affordable price. Takes 3 months of proper practice, and once you clear the exam you will get jobs in any sector and work as a project manager. This certification can get you a good salary package and great prospects for future opportunities. It has five years validity which means you do not have to renew it every year. It helps to get a vast knowledge about product management and improves your CV by adding more values to it.

SAP Certified Application Associate:

SAP is a European multinational software program, which is used to manage the relationship between customers and business operations. The SAP certification exam is conducted by SAP SE, which has become the market leader in enterprise application software. SAP training and certification are globally recognized and shows that you have gained knowledge in the field and have experience.

SAP offers various kinds of certification. Every certification has 2 levels namely, Associate and Professional. To get a Professional version of certification a person needs to have the practical experience and must have a working experience so that the person could address real-life scenarios.

To get you enrolled in basic modules of SAP there are no specific criteria. Any graduate can make her career in SAP. Few of the SAP Certification has special requirements, like for SAP MM, SAP PP, SAP PM Module requires engineer graduate with no less than 2years experience. A commerce graduate or MBA/ PGDM can choose SAP FISCO.

Having a proper professional certification can be highly helpful not in enhancing your career but also in gaining knowledge so that you can put in the best efficiency to your work. Though there are many such high paying professional certifications available, above are mentioned some of the common ones.

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