How create matchmaking social network for dog owners, pet lovers and caretakers

Undoubtedly, a couple of times any dog owner has encountered a situation when he had to leave the house for a longer time and didn’t know who would take care of his friend.  Smartym Pro, a mobile application development services provider in Eastern Europe, has designed and developed an adorable mobile application for those, who take care of our fluffy little friends – pet dogs.

This simple but useful application is called PawPal, and it is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. Via PawPal dog owners will no longer have to worry about their pets, when separated, while other people – caretakers – can enjoy the company of a furry pet (in case they have none, or just love spending time with animals).

How does the application work? First of all, a user needs to sign up either as a “Paw” – a dog owner, or a “Pal” – a person, ready to care of other people’s dogs. Then users need to add information to their profiles: Paws indicate whether a dog is vaccinated/sterilized/allergic to something/etc., Pals write the activities, they are ready to be responsible for (walking, looking after a sick dog, having a dog for a sleepover, etc.). Once it is done, users can search for each other using different filters and geoposition, and, finally, connect with each other via an in-built messenger. In case a Paw is afraid to entrust his beloved friend to someone they don’t know, there is a rating system in the application, that allows to be less suspicious and nervous about their dog’s experience.

In the nearest future it is planned to integrate some payment methods – it will be fair enough to let Pals get a reward for their help. Moreover, it is planned to add some more pet services, such as vet services/grooming/pet shops/etc.

Smartym Pro has considerable experience in matchmaking app development. In order to create successful products, the organization uses a number of valuable tricks: brainstorming, thorough UX Research and Master Classes. Their developers, project managers, and other specialists are always attentive to details, because every little thing matters when it comes to turning an idea into reality.

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