How Debt Collection Companies Like Cedars Business Services Work?

Debt is an age-old financing instrument and has been extensively used at different levels of business and personal activities. I am sure that at some point in time you must also have solicited debt for your financial needs. Well, businesses these days have also looked to leverage their growth using debt and debt instruments. But you know where the problem lies? In the repayment schedule.

When it comes to debt, the only drawback is the repayment terms and schedule. Generally, these things are mutually decided between the buyer and lender at the time of agreement but still, conditions can change anytime. It can so happen that you as a customer are unable to pay off your debts and suddenly you are contacted by the sellers or lenders demanding their dues to be settled and you just get confused as to how to deal with it.

This is where debt collectors step in. They act as the middlemen between the person who provided the debt and the one who took it. You can be on either side and still need their help. But the major headache is on the person who needs to pay it. After all, not everyone defaults in repayments intentionally.

Reasons to Default Debt

There could be several reasons as to why you defaulted in payment. Some of them can be:

Breakdown of cashflow: you might not be getting your credits honoured in time, causing you to default your payments.

Disagreement with the agreement: It can so happen that certain terms of debt agreement are not beneficial for you and you end up messing the entire flow.

Mismanaged records: This is one of the most common reasons as to why people default in repayment. You may owe several debts at the same time and you juggle up all of them resulting in a delay of payments.

The flaw in the payment channel: this issue arises when the mode of payment is not decided upon earlier. It results in improper settlements and gives rise to disputes.

Now, to overcome these, you need dedicated solutions and third-party debt collection services.

Cedar Business Services: A perfect reference

Cedars Business Services or Cedars International is one of those few companies that facilitates you to get out of this mess quite comfortably. Cedars business services is a dedicated debt recovery (both local debt and international debt) service provider headquartered in Southern California. Since 1991, they have been concentrating their efforts into becoming world leaders in debt collection both domestic and international. They have certainly resolved their name as they wanted and now, they stand as leaders in corporate solutions for debt collection and recovery.

Cedars business services have stood with a consumer-centric approach. They have always focussed on resolving conflicts in a way that is beneficial to both the parties involved. They understand the value of customer relationship. While debt collection is a crude and onerous job, Cedars business services have provided a new dimension to this industry combining consumer relations and financial tools to form an effective debt recovery program. They are also a constant member of the ACA International.

Cedars Business Services and alike companies serve several industries including Education, Commercial, Retail, Healthcare, and Government. They work at both domestic and international debt collection with a large global footprint and presence in regions such as Africa, Eastern, and Western Europe, North and south America, Australia, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and India.

Services they provide:

1. Education:

Nowadays, foreign education has gained prominence and students take a deep interest in excelling in their field of education for which they visit countries that provide the best value to their interest. As a result, debts accumulate in the form of unpaid fees, transfer fees, and other charges. Cedars Business Services take care of such debts and related matters.

2. Healthcare:

With advancements in medical science and ease of patient transportation, international treatment is gaining momentum. Cedar Business Services have special teams that primarily focuses on the collection of patient debts.

3. Commercial:

Commercial enterprises primarily work on what is called a credit cycle. They enter into debt agreements most frequent than anybody else. They are hugely dependent on their accounts receivable turnover period. Since the number of debt accounts is numerous, it calls for specialized debt collection services, and Cedars Business Services is there to provide the same.

They provide various corporate solutions relating to debt collection, pre-collection monitoring of receivables and accounts management. As Cedars believe, accounts receivables of a company are the second most important asset if not first for the company.

4. Government:

The government has the largest debt base to be recovered owing to the levy of penalties and fines across countries. These often remain uncollected with simple efforts of the Government. Cedars Business Services provides services to various Governments for debt collection of such nature.

What procedure do they follow?

It is never a solution to ignore the debt. Hence, it is much better to cooperate with companies like Cedars Business Services and relieve yourself from accumulating debts. The best part, you do not need to contact them. Rather they will contact you on their own. If you have any bills or loan instalments outstanding, it is quite certain that you will get a call from them.  They are hired to help you settle all accounts at your convenience.

Cedars Business Services has a customer-friendly workforce who are both polite and firm at the same time. They get your information from their clients to whom you are indebted. An executive usually calls you at intervals to guide you through the debt repayment process. They possess all the necessary details about you including your debt amount, payment schedule, contracts, and account statements.

They can try to reach out to you using phone calls and letters. If you are still unreachable, they can take their resources deeper and can take help of software and can also conduct a private investigation. They have all the requisite information about your paychecks and bank accounts, but they cannot seize them. In case of non-payment of dues, they can pull you to court, from where they can acquire rights to your bank accounts.

However, it is possible that you are going through a financial difficulty and it is not possible for you to repay the entire debt at once. Cedars Business Services have options for you to get your debt converted into a flexible payment plan and you can thereby pay in instalments.

Client-Centric Approach

Through Cedars Business Services’ Consumer-centered Approach, you can rest assured that all the proceedings and actions taken shall be within legal boundaries. They take the utmost care to protect your consumer rights. Their executives are sophistically trained to manage the diverse emotional and mental condition of the debt payers. They have a generous yet firm way to deal with consumers.

The entire process is either online or through the web but all in a very transparent manner. In case of any doubts, you can chat with them or give them a call and they shall give you required assistance.

As debt collectors have a history of being rude while proceeding and harassing consumers using deceptive and forceful means, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was passed. It lays down necessary guidelines for debt collectors to keep in mind while collecting debts from consumers. Every debt collector company like Cedar Business Services shall not undermine any of the rules mentioned in this Act. It has incorporated such rules in its business policies which guides its employees.

A reputable debt collector such as Cedars Business Services will behave in a fair, respectful and professional manner with the clients. You as a client have an option to verify that a debt claim has been raised on you by submitting a written request for the same. The debt collector shall write back a notice for the amount of debt to be collected. In case, where the claim cannot be verified, a debt collector cannot proceed any further.

Cedars Business Services shall also look into your claims that a debt has been raised against you by means of fraud. It shall investigate the matter and confirm or dispel the existence of the debt. It shall also respect your freedom and not negotiate with you before 8 A.M. and after 9 P.M. unless you give permission to do so.


Debt collection is completely within legal boundaries and by no means is against the welfare of the people. Instead, they protect you from a long-term financial crisis. They provide requisite help and guidance to you to overcome the hurdles you encounter while dealing with the payment of debts. In this way, they increase your financial confidence and security. Through Cedar Financial Review they help you maintain a healthy credit score.

Debt collection is easier when combined with customer focus and honest intentions. Cedar Business Services provides various corporate services and corporate solutions that make debt collection an easier and friendlier process. Be it a local debt or an international one, it is all covered by one company, Cedar Business Services.

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