How do you add a crypto widget?

Before talking about a cryptocurrency widget, we must understand what the term ‘cryptocurrency’ refers to? Cryptocurrency is defined as a digital asset that can ultimately be traded online through various exchanges.

Now, if you trade in cryptocurrency, you will surely need a widget as soon as possible. The market can fluctuate in a matter of minutes, and you need to keep an eye on the market to make the perfect trade deal. 

What exactly do cryptocurrency widgets do?

A cryptocurrency widget for website is like a crypto plugin. Once successfully integrated into your WordPress setup, you can create countless crypto tickers and listings. 

Surprisingly, the crypto widgets are not limited to such features alone. They can be modified according to the preference of the users. But still, if you have selected the right widget plugin, most of the technical work will already be done.

You can create crypto coin price lists, coin shortcuts, real-time market cap, and much more. The plugin, once successfully installed, allows you to make certain types of desktop and mobile widgets as well. Be assured, and these widgets provide real-time synced data as well.

Five easy steps to enable a crypto widget for desktop

This section will discuss how you can set up the plugin yourself to allow a series of crypto widgets successfully. These steps are valid for most of the popular crypto plugins. However, you can still find pre-integrated crypto plugins with specific browsers and websites as well. Are you interested in crypto exchange affiliate program? Click on the link to know more! 


  1. Install and activate the plugins, so the widgets start integrating into the WordPress interface and, to do so, you need to access the plugins page of WordPress and get your preferred plugin integrated. If you know how WordPress plugins work, you can do it yourself too.
  2. Once the dashboard is integrated and running successfully, now is the time to decide the type of crypto widgets you are looking for. The plugin interface is quite simple to navigate and use. When you are ready to build a device, you will find most of the configurations already done.
  3. By this far, you have already created a widget of your choice. Now is the time to integrate the device right into the display of your desktop. The ‘add widget’ option is usually under the main ‘cryptocurrency plugins tab’ from where you can access all the widgets.
  4. It’s time to publish the widget you have been working on for so long. When the ‘publish’ button is clicked for the most popular plugins, it will begin a preview, and the preview shows how exactly your widget will look and act like once it is published. If you are satisfied with the results, you can post the device then.
  5. Let’s say you have selected the crypto ticker as a widget for your page. Once the device is published successfully, you can customize the overall appearance, size, shape, color, etc., for the widget.

Can I use a widget on my phone as well?

Of course, you can. Crypto widgets are not confined to desktop plugins alone. You can also integrate a real-time sync widget within your mobile’s home screen with the right plugin. The plugins are available for all primary mobile OS, including Android and iOS, but if you are trying to get a crypto widget for the iOS-based mobile device, there are certain precautions you need to take. Ensure that the plugin you are going with is secure and accessible as iOS is known for its security and lesser adaptability towards programs outside of Apple’s software developing hub. 


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