How does Online Checkout Work?

Checkout is the process of order finalization in an online store, a payment page that allows the customer to choose the most convenient payment solution. Statistics show that some clients withdraw from an electronic purchase at the moment of online checkout. This happens due to the overly complicated checkout form that has to be professionally managed. It should be simple and intuitive for the consumer to transfer costs in-house. Such a step can be isolated from other pages of the web resource. This helps eliminate the distractions that may appear on the way of completing the purchase point-to-point. The online marketplace transmits the buyer’s data during the checkout when using payment aggregators. The aggregator delivers the request, searches within its database for the purchase history, and offers the most common payment method for revenue getting. When the buyer is not in the database, the aggregator offers to change this situation and choose among the most popular payment services.

Layered Scheme of Work

Checkout from Corefy Company can be called a cross-functional well-thought-out solution that drives the sales and has a very simple scheme of work.

  •  It’s possible to integrate the advanced checkout. Indeed, there’s no need to write any line of code.
  •  Our specialists will customize the product according to the brand’s peculiarities.
  •  Emerges the possibility to accept payments from cardholders (both recurring and one-time) within 2-3 seconds.

It’s easy to reach better conversion due to the anti-fraud protection, business versatility, cross-screen/browser/platform development, ease of leverage, and scalability of the design. The checkout works on various mobile devices and allows reaching a success without the need to perform complicated programming procedures. A wide selection of different payment systems is offered and this leads to the possibility that these options will increase the customer’s desire to complete the order.

Checkout from Corefy: What does Company Propose?

  •  Various payment ways, among which there are Bitcoin, Ripple, Visa, Giropay, etc.
  •  Flexible payment flow that is fully consistent with the business.
  •  High-security level that is evident in tokenization, card verification, information encryption, and other ways. The Corefy specialists and developers keep an eye on innovations for protection and use global secure digital data channels for financial transactions.
  •  200+ currencies.
  •  Cooperation with a reliable innovative institution that has a strong reputation.
  •  Interface that supports more than 20 languages.
  •  Absence of necessity to contact outsourced specialists, spend cash, and perform everything in-person.
  •  Adjusting to the geographical location.
  •  Ready-to-use payment page.
  •  All the risks reducing.
  •   Possibility to get a consultation from experts.
  •  Maximum transparency of the processes.
  •  Real-time information updating.
  •  Capability to cope with critical loads.

The partnership with Corefy includes th possibility to choose integration options. It can be Flash that requires no coding effort and any expertise expanding from the customer. The embedded option provides for checkout integration onto the website in the form of iFrame. Pay by link solution may be sent to the clients to complete the purchase.

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