How Much Can You Sell Your Used Mattress {Business Idea}?

The mattress is one of the most useful household requirements and everybody needs a mattress for better sleep. There are many reputed brands in the market that manufactures world-class mattress and one such brand is Mattress Battle. But many people already have their old mattress at their home and as such they wonder what they will do with their old mattress if they purchase a new one. Instead of discarding or throwing out the old mattress you can sell used mattresses at a relatively lower price.

Ideally, it is recommended not to use a mattress for more than 10 years although most of the mattresses that are available in the market last more than 15 to 20 years. People may need to replace or sell their mattresses for various reasons and some most common reasons found for changing the old mattress are moving to a new place, purchasing a different sized bed and so on.

Things you should consider before selling a used mattress

You should not forget that it is unethical to sell a mattress that is not in good shape or condition. In simple words, you can say that you can sell a mattress only when you observe that the mattress is in good condition and will last for a decade.

Whenever people think to sell their old mattress for purchasing a new one the first question that comes up in their mind is how much money they will get in selling their old mattress. But it totally depends on the condition of the mattress and if the condition of the mattress is good then you will get more value of it in terms of money. However you must follow certain tips to enhance the sale value of your mattress as well increase their lifetimes which are given as follows:

  • Using a mattress protector
  • Not letting the pet to play on the mattress as they can ruin it
  • Not letting the kids play on the mattress
  • Washing the mattress sheet at regular interval
  • Rotating the mattress on a regular basis
  •  Not spilling anything in the mattress
  • Using spring beds as it lasts longer as compared to that of the mattresses which are filled with memory foam.

How to sell a Used Mattress?

When you make a decision of selling your used mattress the biggest question that comes into your mind is how you can sell it for getting a fair price for it. That is the reason why we have come up with some essential steps that will certainly help you to sell your used mattress and get a good price of it. The following are the major ways that you must follow before selling a used mattress:

Selecting the shop: The first that you need is to sell the old mattress is to find a willing buyer of used mattress. This is the most difficult task to do as not many shops are eager to purchase the old mattress. Generally many shops use to purchase new mattresses in bulk at the wholesale price.

Apart from that the reputed shop needs to maintain its reputation and that is the reason why they are reluctant to purchase the old mattress. But still there are some shops that purchase second-hand mattresses. But these shops generally pay less for maintaining their own profit margin.

Checking the law: Before selling the old mattress it is also very essential to know the rules and statues of your city. In some countries, there may be some law that forbids selling the used item. If your country has such law then you cannot sell the old mattress.

So, if you want to save from the hassle of getting any kind of trouble then it is very important to check the law of the country.

Advertise:  There are many kinds of the app where you can advertise your old mattress. You can click the picture of your mattress and post it on the app.

But before you advertise your old mattress it is very essential to choose the right path and platform. However, you can use classified ads in the newspaper for advertising.

These are some effective ways by which you can sell your used mattress at a fair price.

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