How Split-Screens Improve Your Gaming Experience

Multiplayer games are no doubt everywhere. Games like Fortnite and Starcraft have taken the world of veteran gamers by storm and it continues to do so even after more than two decades after these games were released. However, most games these days are only enjoyed by players who could be hundreds or even thousands of miles away from each other. Sadly, the only connection they had is through that crackly headset. But, whatever happened to that good old split-screen that allows players to be with each other in the same room and in flesh?

Although the split-screen gaming is no longer as popular as it was back then, there are still plenty of games today that support the split-screen mode. In fact, you can still find a lot of it from big budget shooters to the more obscure indies. The Indiegamemag investigates, some of the best split-screen PC games in 2020 include Portal 2, Magicka and Castle Crashers. If you’re into PS4 gaming, then some of the best split-screen games are Ark: Survival Evolved and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

 What is a split-screen mode?

 Split screens started with GoldenEye which allows a 4-player deathmatch mode. This mode gained much popularity back then that many other game developers also decided to include such features in their games. The split screen mode has been so common especially in non-networked video games that also provide multiplayer options.

If you have a two-player video game, going on a split-screen mode would mean using an audiovisual output, which usually comes in a standard TV being used for video game consoles. In a split-screen mode, the screen will be divided into two. However, the screen should be equal in size.

It allows players to play with other people despite having only one console.

 The split screen mode is so helpful especially for players wanting to play with other people but they only have one console. But during these past few years, the use of split-screen mode has taken a back seat because a lot of gamers opt to play online where screen-sharing does not happen.


Split-screens allow more opportunities to explore the different areas of the game. 

A split-screen mode gives players the opportunity to explore different parts of the game simultaneously without the need to be close to each other. This kind of mode has gained significant popularity on consoles which used to have no access to the internet not until the year 2000s came.

 It promotes camaraderie among players.

 Online voice-chat can never strengthen the team’s camaraderie as much as split-screen mode does. Having your friends or fellow gamers in the same room with you inevitably boosts friendship. There is something about split-screen that offers freedom along with unbridled joy in a way that no online gaming can simply emulate. When you’re in the same room with each other it becomes so easy for you to exchange words of encouragement or to express disappointment without the need to curse each other which usually happens in online-chat.

Most of these split-screen games belong to the same genre or with a similar gameplay. In the past 15 years, the world of gaming has changed a lot. But, now that you know how split-screens improve your gaming experience, you’ve got another set of reasons not to forsake these games.

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