How The Online Android Emulators are important?

While the most effective way to test Android applications or mobile testing was to use online Android emulators, the difficulty has increased since then. Now, with an 87 percent market share, Android ranks number one in the global smart-phone market. That means 9 of 10 smart-phones are running on Android worldwide. The development of mobile apps has reached very high levels with this dominance in space.

But the continual innovation driving this industry presents serious issues in terms of timelines for growth and testing. It’s not good enough to run an Online Android emulator which once used to be a solution. So what can businesses and developers do in the development process to remain ahead? How can we enhance the usability, efficiency and client satisfaction of your app?

The smart-phone explosion reduces the screen size of the customer. For daily work and personal needs, people move from desktops and laptops to smart-phones. This massive shift from big screens to a personal device has given developers a huge opportunity to create tools that can help people work and meet their personal requirements. Users now can view films on their phones and book tickets as well.

The Apple App Store and Android Play Store have become the place to go and explore the applications they need. The scores on these applications determine how many individuals are installing these applications. Once again, customers have become the market leaders. The unique apps have finished their days. At least two or more applications are available for every need, so you can choose out of them. So your app needs to be user-friendly, work with most of your devices and bug-free as well, if you want individuals to install, use and favourably review it.

The product lifecycle has been determined by businesses and developers in the past. You could schedule updates, functional upgrades, and all depending on funds and other considerations. The situation has altered today. The timeline is now determined by the market. When your app is incompatible or not properly rendering with the latest OS, or is not energy efficient, a better app will replace it.

You will only be able to win the battle if you evolve more quickly than anyone else. This means that developers need to compress their development cycle and test drivers need to accelerate their mobile testing while maintaining a high degree of usability and reliability. Testing devices and operating systems makes real-life testing easier, even though it’s a fairly expensive investment to buy that many Apple devices. During the iPhone test you don’t need an online emulator. Real Android device testing is nearly impossible and costly to cover all combinations.

When it first began, online Android emulators were just what developers required. Just open the Online Android Emulators without physically buying the phones. They can test their apps across various devices. The majority of Android emulators were easy to install and rather cheap. Most importantly, online Android emulators could imitate hardware and software behaviour, which would make it easy for developers to identify unexpected behaviour.

Thus, we have seen the key details of the utility of Online Android Emulators. They hold a very important position in the field of Mobile Testing. However, with the advent of technology, newer ways of testing are getting common. Now, there are better ways than the Online Android Emulators to perform the mobile testing.

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