How To Become A Bookkeeper 2020

It’s about time we shed some light on the real-time perspectives of an infamous subject known as “accountancy.” Don’t jump to the wrong conclusions in the namesake. For some reason, people tend to associate accounting with something rather boring and dry. Anything to do with digits is deemed exclusive to the mathletes with salt & pepper hair and dorky glasses. In short, accountancy is presumed to be something “so not for the Ernst & Young millennials”.

Little do we know the subject opens up a vast array of opportunities that make you self reliant even in the old years. You heard that right. Private practice is not exclusive to just doctors. Accountancy too entails perks that will sustain you in your retirement years. From calculating your annual tax return to the basic bookkeeping, perhaps your primary retirement plan would need, accounting is something that everyone needs to familiarize with. It is the lifeblood of any sort of business, be it small or big. 

As the world advances into the touch screen age of how “time is more valuable than money,” the thought does manifest into substance through bizarre inventions like smoke ovens controlled by smartphones! The scenario does in fact beg the question: will gadgets and apps really do it all for you? With the constant battle between Human Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence, we might as well call a spade a spade and admit to the fact that even Artificial Intelligence is created by humans and needs something to maneuver it. What gives leverage to AI is how it aids a person better with skills that help them achieve myriads through something as basic as “distant learning.” One particular embodiment of that genius hack is Bookkeeper Launch. While the student’s bookkeeper launch review gives it a 4.5-star rating, we find the course to be an extensive guide into entrepreneurialism itself and all that it takes to start, grow and sustain a business, with all the legalities intact. 

Bookkeeper Launch is a guide to not just the basic bookkeeping of things but also a tool that will teach you how to establish, run and sustain a business. Simplifying the hectic science of Accountancy is much what this course claims to do and by all means, does achieve it. In fact, the course even extends into the virtual realms of building your business an online presence that will nail you not just some decent sponsors, but a global clientele as well.

Helping just about anyone become a bookkeeper with his flexible course, Ben Robinson is a professional accountant himself. The attorney working under his name at the behest of his students is very evocative of his certified status. As the course harnesses you with the skills of operating computerized accounting software like Quickbooks, LastPass and Xero, you are pretty much equipped with all you need when it comes to bookkeeping with BL. 

With that being said, the profession of Accountancy is essentially just a no-nonsense field where you can work your way through it earning exactly what you deserve. Bookkeeping deals with objectivity rather than subjective things where your efforts and hard work are quantifiable and you don’t lose credibility down the road. With BL, it just gets better.

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