How To Become a Dancing Show Winner’s Using Past Winner Stats

Strictly Come Dancing is rolling out Season 17. One of the most-watched series in the UK, Strictly Comes Dancing has been making the Saturday nights happening ever since it launched for its brand new season on the 7th of September this year. While the show built up the craze in 2004 when it aired its 1st season on BBC, it has still been able to keep up with the popularity with approximately reaching 9.5 million viewers last season. Given the demand, How to Become a dancing Winner Using the Technical Statics becomes a must-read for the fans of the dance reality show.

According to Betway’s recent study, Like any other reality show, after a few weeks itself, favoritism start, and people can’t stop but break into teams betting on their favorite contestant as the potential winner of the Strictly Come Dancing. While this is a collective behavior for any popular reality show, it is more so in this case as viewers get to see celebs, whom they have seen differently participate in a ballroom dance competition showing their twerking side on television.

This season is no different when it comes to betting on favorite stars. The excitement remains intact everywhere because the winner is decided based on votes by the audience. So, while Strictly Come Dancing preps up for the finale, we take a dig in the technical statistics of the winners from the previous seasons and make a guide on ‘How to Become a dancing Winner Using the Technical Statics.’

How to Become a dancing Winner Using Past Technical  Stats

  • TV Presenters– 5 winners of the 16 seasons of the Strictly Come Dancing have been TV presenters that include the last three winners.
  • Television Soap Actors– Out of 40 television soap actors/stars to ever participate in the celebrity dance reality show, 80%, which means 32 of them had reached the top seven and 16 finished in the top three.
  • Popstars– Till season 16, 13 popstars had been able to finish off in top three of which only three could bag the winner’s trophy.
  • Sports Stars– Only 3 of 4 sports stars to reach the top 3 in 16 seasons of the Strictly Come Dancing has been able to take the trophy home. The sportsperson, despite being extremely popular, had not been able to create their magic on the small screen with their dance through the dance reality show.
  • YouTubers– The fans of the Strictly Come Dancing had only got to see one Youtuber in the last 16 seasons. The internet sensation Joe Sugg finished off his dancing journey at the fourth spot.

Winner of Strictly Come Dancing Using the Technical Statistics- Age

  • 20+ & 30+ – 31 of the total 32 participants to reach the top two, were in this age slot. Out of 44 contestants to have ever participated from this age group, while 18 arrived could make up to Top 7, seven of them went on to win the show.
  • 50+ – 2 of the total of 28 participants from the age group could reach the top 6.
  • 60+ – Only 1 reached the top 6.
  • 70+ – Out of the 3 participants, none could reach the top 10.

Winner of Strictly Come Dancing Using the Technical Statistics- Social Media Following Count

  • Most Followed– None could reach the Top 3. While 4 of the second most-followed contestants reached Top 2, they could not win.
  • Least Followed– The winners of 2016 & 2017 were counted amongst the participants with the least number of followers.

Winner of Strictly Come Dancing Using the Technical Statistics- Judges Scores

Only 7 of the best dancers with the best scores could win the show, other times, they have only finished at the third spot.


The analysis brings us to the conclusion that Television stars like presenters or soap actors in the age group of the 20s and 30s with average to excellent dancing skills are the best contestants to put your money on.

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