How to Build a Large Community of Followers on Instagram

More than 1 billion people log in to Instagram every month. Almost 800 million of the accounts active during those 30 days belong to businesses. That is the outstanding, overwhelming competition that you have to face if you want to advertise your company on the platform and get a large community around it.

The task of overtaking your competition and enhancing your audience on Instagram may seem a bit overpowering at first, especially if you are new to the network. Fortunately, there are a few ways through which you can add more followers, increase the number of potential customers and have them grouped nicely together in a thriving community around your business. Here are some of them!

Use Science

Instagram is not only the place where people go to showcase their latest vacation photos or videos of their cats being startled by cucumbers. It is a high-performance social media platform that functions thanks to masterly developed mechanisms and algorithms.

As a user, you get to use some of the by-products that result from this scientific endeavor. They are called Analytics Tools, and they offer comprehensive data and stats regarding your audience. Here is how to access them:

  • Open Instagram and go to your profile page
  • Access the Instagram Insight feature
  • Go down to “posts” and access “see more”

Go through all the statistics regarding the engagement rate on your posts during the past three months. You will find out specific details about your prevalent audience such as age, demographics, gender, and location. You will also discover when these people are most active on Instagram. This way, you will know when to post content to attract relevant followers to your business.

Learn to Master Video Posts and Stories

More and more users are opting for video content instead of photography. It seems that the age of fancy stills and overly-filtered photos is coming to an end. Even businesses use features like video posts, live streaming and Stories to boost their appeal to potential customers. Some of them even choose to buy Instagram views to enhance their audience.

Instagram estimates that more than 500 million accounts post stories every day. That’s more than 5,800 stories every second. It means that you will have to learn how to master this feature to become more successful than the almost 6,000 people who post a story at the same time as you.

Increase Your Engagement Rate

The new Instagram algorithm rates engagement over anything else when it comes to enhancing or decreasing your popularity on the platform. The engagement rate is made by all the likes, comments, and impressions that you get from your posts.

Unless you are working with SocialBoss, you will have to put in a lot of effort to boost your engagement rate and increase your popularity. An efficient way of doing that is commenting on your followers’ posts, liking their content from time to time, and hope that they will return the favor.

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