How to Choose the Best Marketing Automation Tool

Do you feel that your marketing strategy is stuck? You’re not generating any leads, and people are ignoring your emails. Well, marketing automation is the answer to your woes. It will help you reach greater heights in lead generation and nurturing.

If you’ve decided to try it, this is amazing. But wait, the success of the entire exercise is dependent on the marketing automation system you choose. In this post, you’ll find essential tips to consider when selecting your marketing automation tool.

So, are you ready? Implementing a marketing automation tool is a big commitment that requires your attention. If you see any of these signs, you need to invest in marketing automation.

  • If your target audience is ignoring your emails. This is a sign that you’re not targeting the right audience. Plus, sending bulk emails from your private address looks suspicious to ISPs. As such, they’ll not allow the message into their inboxes.
  • You are not generating any leads despite your spirited marketing campaigns.
  • Your sales team and marketing team aren’t in synch. In such a situation, the marketing team will blame the sales team for not doing enough. The sales team will complain they are not getting any qualified leads.
  • You don’t have data to evaluate whether your marketing expenses are bearing fruit or not.

If your marketing strategies are wearing you out, it’s time to do something. Use these tips to hire a marketing automation tool.

1.     Will the Tool Fulfill Your Marketing Needs?

What are your marketing needs? If you don’t know your expectations, any result will be okay with you. Take your time to outline your marketing goals.

Knowing your goals will outline the features that the automation tool should have. It will also direct the amount of money which you need to invest in this project.

2.     Does the Tool Offer Any Room for Growth?

When choosing the right tool, it is important to think long-term. For instance, will the automation system aid your business to grow? Nothing is more frustrating than getting comfortable with a specific system and having to let it go because it can’t support your growth projections.

3.     Is It User-Friendly?

Usability is an important criterion when choosing the automation tool for your marketing team. Remember, you’ll be working on this system daily. Therefore, it should not be complex or full of illogical processes.

However, it is possible to get stuck in a user-friendly tool. Therefore, ensure that the provider has a fantastic support service.

4.     Ability to Personalize Content

Your current and potential customers have different needs and want. The sooner you realize this, the better for your marketing strategies.

For instance, addressing recipients by their name gives your campaign a personal touch. Therefore, choose a marketing tool like zoho marketing automation that allows you to personalize the message.


Yes, marketing automation drives traffic to your site and increases engagement with your potential customers. But wait, do you have the content to promote? What will you include in your emails? All these are pre-requisites before choosing your automation tool.

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