How to Create a WordPress Product Demo?

It is pretty obvious that if you want to garner quality customers, you have to offer them top-notch services. But, before that, you have to throw in some attractive details to give them an idea about the product and trigger their interest.

Just like antivirus software comes with a free trial, you need to showcase and allow users to test some prime aspects of your WordPress product to make them buy it in the future.

For doing this, you will need a WordPress Demo Plugin. And we have the best way to help you out. You can create a demo presentation of your WordPress theme, plugin, or anything else with the best WordPress Demonstration builder plugin. Learn more about it ahead!

What makes the MotoPress WordPress Demonstration plugin special?

First, you need to be aware of the features of the MotoPress WordPress Demonstration plugin. Here are some of the best ones:

The plugin has two user roles, namely,

  • Administrator: An administrator has permission to create awesome front-end live demos of the WP products. Moreover, the administrator can also provide the users with accounts to test the product.

  • User: The plugin allows the user to see how the front end looks. Plus, one can also test the various features in real-time.

Here are some remarkable features that you can add to your demo to make it more interactive for the user:

1. Auto Cleanup

Keep your server from overloading by enabling the automatic account cleanup after the demo expires.

2. Personal account

Each user gets a personal account (sandbox) using which they can make changes to the content independently. This is rare as other trial WP dashboards are common for all users.

3. Set lifetime

You can set an appropriate demo time that you think will be enough for the users to get a hold of the product. As the time will be less, users will keen to know more which will help you meet your targets.

4. Roles

With this feature, you can allow or restrict users from accessing some features or pages of the demo. You can checkmark the categories independently like posts, pages, services, etc. This also helps you manage customization.

5. Set the first landing page

To impress your users from the first instance, let them land on the best landing page after the email of the user is confirmed. Set the best page of your product as the default one.

6. Toolbar

Provide the users with the opportunity to check out your other products by enabling the responsive toolbar. It will enable online emulators for different screens.

7. Account management

The plugin allows you to view, delete and analyze accounts, check how many demo accounts are created per day, etc., with some easy-to-use tools.

8. Access to shortcodes

One can easily create registration forms or email templates with the provided shortcodes in the demo builder plugin.

9. Notification emails

Switch on the admin notifications to know about every new account created instantly. Moreover, stay updated with the demo user notifications and confirmation emails.

10. Mailchimp feature

The plugin allows you to level up your marketing strategy by offering you the MailChimp automation feature. Now, you can reach your customer precisely.

Learn how to create your demos

Follow these steps to get a clear idea of how to create a demo:

  1. First off, make a WordPress Multisite network as it is necessary.

  2. Post this, install & activate the WordPress Demo Builder plugin.

  3. Build your demos the way your like and apply all the required settings.

  4. If you want to offer the interested users access to the plugin dashboard, set the Demo registration form, they will be able to create sandboxes and experiment with your products.

  5. After account confirmation, all users are sent follow-up emails created with MailChimp automation for better conversions.

Final Words

Having a product demo is extremely necessary for you. It will help you stand out from your competitor and gain better leads. And as you have all the information about the MotoPress WordPress Demonstration plugin, you can allow your customers to get a better view of your product’s utility.

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