How to Create an Eye-Catching Email People Will Actually Read

Have you ever wondered how your emails look in the eyes of your readers?

Do they love them or hate them?

Perhaps, you are a guru of subject lines, and most of your campaigns perform great?

Or maybe, your emails are usually left unread because you could be a better storyteller?

Let’s try to figure out what you can do to make people can’t help but open, read, and click-through your emails.

Tip #1: Start with a subject line

We hear it all the time: a well-thought-out subject line is the most important element of your entire email.

One could hardly disagree because if you don’t create a headline that grabs the recipient’s attention already from the first seconds, then how are they going to read your spectacular, well-crafted email copy?

Much has been written about how to craft a compelling subject line, but let us cite the main points to consider:

Always keep your subject line relevant: If you are sending something that is aimed to sell your product, it doesn’t mean you can do whatever it takes to make people open your email. Don’t write: “$1 Million inside,” if it’s not true. Your customers are not stupid and most likely hate clickbait.

Make it short and place the most important words at the beginning: Lots of your recipients read emails on smartphones, so they won’t see the entire subject line if you made it too long.

Don’t give everything away: Even if you want the reader to know what the message is all about, don’t reveal your secrets at this stage. Often, curiosity is what makes them open the email.

Bonus tip: Test your subject line with online subject line rating tools and headline analyzers.

Tip #2: Add some visuals

When chosen wisely, images can take your content to another level of engagement. They can communicate an idea or a story within seconds. But be sure to select visuals that complement or even enhance your text, not fill the space. Be funny, when appropriate. Sometimes, GIFs with your favorite TV show characters can find their place in newsletters and email campaigns, too.

Tip #3: Use a nice template

Email design might be a huge challenge. Here is when you can take advantage of using email templates that allow producing campaigns faster. Instead of having to rewrite everything from scratch each time you want to send an email, you can simply add text, visuals, links, etc. to an existing template.

Templates also contribute to email consistency. If you stick to one template, it will help your brand to be recognizable with your audience.

Bonus tip: Although templates are usually created and tested by ESPs’ teams before handoff, it won’t hurt to everyone working with templates if they test their email campaigns before distribution.

Tip #4: Don’t clutter it with words

 Certainly, you have tons of useful information you want to share with your audience via email, but your readers are busy. So make your copy short and to-the-point. Besides, if you’re going to share valuable information, which takes more than several minutes to read, you can link to your blog with a compelling call to action in the text of your email.

Tip #5: Write about something interesting

 Your product or service might be not interesting to your audience, but a situation they might find themselves in, a specific issue, and the solution are what can be something you should write about.

 To put it simply: imagine your reader holding a hammer and nails. Chances are they aren’t interested in you telling them about those things. Yet, they might be interested in the method of building a treehouse for their kids.

 Tip #6: Add a content promo to an email signature

 Adding a neat email signature to your email campaigns makes them look more personal, especially if you insert your photo.

Whatever your aims, it is also possible to use the email signature with a banner to achieve them. With its help, you can promote anything: a new blog post, ebook, launch of a new product, invitation to connect at a tech conference, and more.

If you’re looking for an easy way to design the signature that will best suit your needs, then email signature creator is your best option.


An interesting and engaging email, along with a well-thought-out subject line, will always be well-received by your recipients. When writing one, keep these tips in mind:

  • Start with a catchy subject line;
  • If appropriate, add images that complement or even enhance your text;
  • Use a template to save time and achieve consistency;
  • Keep it brief;
  • Look for topics your audience cares about;
  • Increase engagement with an email signature promo banner.

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