How to Legally Deal with Issues On Social Media

In the near past, the culture of the blackmailing arouses to a great level. This created a lot of problem for the people but not anymore. This is because the blackmailing has been made punishable by law.

What if you do not report such incidents?

No reporting and tolerating such incidents is a crime itself. This is the reason why reporting such incidents and crimes should be brought to the attention of the pole. If we do not speak about blackmailers today, they will keep on poking us in the future. So, it is better to take action today than to cry tomorrow.

Why do people blackmail others?

According to the experts, the blackmails are used in order to get monetary gains and favors in illegal manners. They blackmail others or peek into the privacy of others in order to gain favors from them in illegitimate ways. This needs to stop and the only way we can stop them all is by reporting them.

Social media has become the kind of really important for people, especially youth. Due to the effects of social media, the number of illegal practices has escalated as well. The illegal practices that come along with the social media are libel, fraud, threat and more.  In some countries, there is strict legislation against the blackmailing which has made the things quite easier for the people. The cybercrime law in UAE has been framed for the people to fight against social media crimes.

New cybercrime laws

The new law for cybercrime has been implemented in many countries in order to help the people deal with blackmailers in the perfect way. Now, they won’t be able to escape from their own traps. The days of crying and mourning have gone for the victims as the new laws

The criminals, most of the time, hack the accounts of women and use their pictures using the photoshop and other this way, they extort cash and a number of other benefits from them as well.

Most of the times, people get panic as they feel like they do not have any way out of the critical situation. They keep on paying them money so that they may save their reputation by any means. This is not right at all.

The legal consultants and lawyers advise the people to inform the authorities as soon as possible. People who fall for such traps need to know that they have vast rights and that nobody can harm them in any way. Nowadays it is really easy to identify such criminals. So, if someone reports them, they will surely get imprisoned and will have to pay heavy penalties as well.

Make sure to report a crime

People who fail to report technical issues should be imposed fines so that they get their lesson and report cybercrimes as soon as they fall victims for them. Such offences should be reported in no time to the police so that the whole community may get protected. It is not just about one person. It is about the whole community. So, being responsible citizens of the country, we must make sure to report such offences as soon as possible.

It has been recommended to all the people who have been ever subjected to such offences to not take the law and order in their own hands and report the crimes on time. This is not an issue that should be hidden. Someone trying to blackmail Click here.

Cybercrime laws

Cybercrime law in the UAE is really strict and people who do not obey the laws will have to pay heavy fines and face jail as well. The fine imposed on someone who commits the cybercrime is more than Dh1 million. Also, if any of the foreigners appear to be guilty in the offence, he may get deported as well. So, it is better to avoid a crime that may make you lose everything you have including your reputation.

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