How to Easily Convert MS Word to PDF Online

MS Word is a document program widely used by many people globally. Whether used to write documents, school papers, and personal letters, MS Word is a handy program to have on your computer or smartphones. However, although saving files in DOCX format is easy, sometimes, you will find yourself looking for another file format to keep it.

A portable document format, or commonly known as PDF, is a file format similar to DOCX. There might be instances where you need to convert your Word file into PDF, and sometimes it requires you to download and install a converter tool on your computer to do so. Although that sounds a bit time-consuming, there are online tools that you can use for file conversions.

How to Convert Word to PDF

As mentioned, when turning Word files into PDF, you will need help from a converter tool. There are tons of PDF converters on the internet, but not everything you find is convenient. However, here’s the good news: you can find an online Word to PDF converter on the web, which is faster and more efficient.

Most PDF converter tools require downloads and installations, which can be a hassle, especially for busy people. Thus, an online Word to PDF converter is more convenient to use. All you need is a stable internet connection and a web browser.

One of the best online file converters is GogoPDF. This PDF tool not only caters to PDF conversions and vice versa, but it is an all-in-one online tool that you can use for all your document needs. For PDF files, you can merge, split, repair, compress, and delete pages if you like. You can also convert from JPG, PPT, Excel, HTML, and more into PDF format.

How to Convert in GogoPDF

GogoPDF is indeed one of the best PDF converter tools in the market because it is quick and easy to use. Whether you have a presentation to make at work or in school minutes from now, you can easily convert Word documents and other files into PDF with no hassle using GogoPDF.

To convert Word files to PDF using GogoPDF, all you need to do is follow four steps: upload, modify, reverse, and download. By following these quick steps, you will no longer face the struggles of downloading and installing a PDF converter program for you to turn your documents into PDF.

If you are using GogoPDF for the first time, here is a guide that you can follow. First, you need to upload a file on the website that you wish to turn into a PDF. You may upload a file from your computer or cloud storage. Simply drag and drop a file on the server, and it will automatically scan.

Next, modify your document. You can choose the pages that you wish to include in the converted file. You may also add specific edits if you want. Once you have modified all your changes, click on “Convert,” Your PDF file will be up and ready in seconds.

Once the file is successfully converted, you may download it back to your computer. You also have an option to save the file on cloud storage. GogoPDF supports online storage such as Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox. Another option would be you can send the newly converted file directly to another email.

GogoPDF Key Features

Now that you know how to convert files on GogoPDF successfully, you need to know the key features that the website also offers. These key features make GogoPDF a reliable PDF tool, and many users globally love the quick conversion it provides. Here are some other features that GogoPDF offer:

Works on almost all platforms.

Unlike downloading and installing PDF converter programs that are picky when it comes to platforms and operating systems, GogoPDF won’t have to give you stress about that. Whether you are working on a Linux, Windows, or Mac device, you can access and use GogoPDF with no problems.

All you need to have is a web browser and a stable internet connection so you can convert with no problems. GogoPDF is accessible via Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. It is an easy and compatible website for all your conversion needs.

Quick and efficient.

Unlike other file converter apps and PDF tools online, GogoPDF does not require any logins or registration for you to use it. You can access it anytime and anywhere you like. The converter can turn your Word documents into PDF in just minutes, and it is a great tool to use when you are on the go.

Great privacy protection.

Aside from the convenience it brings to users when converting files, GogoPDF also has the best security protection. When you upload files on the site, the server can only keep the files for an hour. Once that time has elapsed, the document will be deleted permanently from the site.


GogoPDF is indeed the best converter tool there is online. Not only is it convenient, but you can use it free anytime and anywhere. Converting Word to PDF will never be a hassle again when you use GogoPDF, and you will never find a better converter tool in the market today that is as amazing as this one.

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