How To Get Cookie Clicker For Free In Present [Trick]

I don’t know whether you played this game or not. If you know how to play then pay a little attention on title. It is about hacking cookie clicker with cheat codes. Yep, You heard right. You can hack cookie clicker game using your PC/Laptop browser.

What is Cookie Clicker?

Before Hacking, let me tell you a bit about this game. It is the game in which you have to generate cookies by clicking. It was released back in 2013 which gained more than a million users just within a week. People loved this game so much.

When it comes to increment genre, this game has still has dedicated fans around the world. People still love to play and generate cookies.

Developers of the game are updating it regularly. If you want to play then you can visit the official website.

Hack Cookie Clicker

As you know hacking a game, makes it easy. Even it doesn’t need a human to generate cookies. Why to generate cookies manually while you can use the cheat codes to automate the process. Using the cookie clicker Hack, rate of producing cookies, will be higher. You can produce a lot of cookies within per second.

How to Get For Free?

Process is very simple. You does not need to code to hack anything always. You can follow the simple steps given below and you are done. You can also unlock cookie clicker achievement which can be used to increase the rate of producing more cookies.

Before getting it started, export your game process which you can restore the game and continue to play from where you stopped. To Export the process, Simple Click the Option tab in top left.  Then Click on Export Save. You will get code. Save it anywhere in text. Now you can restore and continue the game anywhere on any computer.

Now the main part comes. Follow the given steps.

  • First visit the official website :
  • Open Inspect Element. If you are using the chrome browser. Simply press Ctrl+Shift+I to open Inspect elements.
  • Now Click on Console Tab in Inspect Element Section.
  • Now Paste this cheat: cookiesPs=1000000 (You can put any number). It will generate the same amount of cookies.


  • Now Hit the Enter the have a cup of tea.

Cookie Clicker Cheats You can Try

Here I got some more cheats which you can try to unlock more achievements in the game. Process will remain same for all the cheat codes. Open Inspect Element>>Console>>Paste the Code>>Enter.

  • RuinTheFun()
  • cookies = Infinity
  • cookies = amount
  • cookiesPs=number

If you know any specific cheat code, let others know in the comment section. I will soon update the list of cheats.


As you know hacking or tweaking game ruins the real fun of game. I shared this method only for reference purpose. Showing these hacks to your friends, you can prove yourself as a genius but not as the true and skilled gamer. If you want to have real fun of a game, play it without cheating.

Hope you liked the article. If anything is not working or you are facing any problem, leave a comment. We’ll reply with a working solution for you.

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