How To Monitor your Partners Phone Remotely

Last week I had a suspicion that my wife was cheating on me. She was spending a lot of time on her phone, and I had my doubts that she was talking to someone.

So, I decided on spy on her device to find out the reality. If you are going through something similar, it would suggest you use spying software to find out.

Here is how I was successful to spy my wife with Spyic. I have reviewed this software in detail and mentioned all the necessary aspects that will be beneficial for you. So, read on!

Spyic: The ultimate phone monitoring tool

It might look like a simple task. However, spying on someone without their knowledge can be challenging. That is where the next-gen technology of Spyic can be helpful.

Spyic has millions of users across the globe in more than 190 countries. You can easily use this application to spy on your wife and find out the truth.

In fact, Spyic has been recommended by CNET, Forbes, TechRadar, etc. So, you know that this is reliable software to use.

Spyic can help you to monitor any device, be it iOS or Android. I read about it on Clickfree, and since then, I am a fan of Spyic.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s find out about what Spyic offers and how you can install it.

Web-based interface

You will not have to download any application to operate Spyic. There is a web-based interface which makes it simple to spy and track devices. You can find all the features of the tool on the website itself on the dashboard.

In fact, you can use it from anywhere and at any time. Just head to their website.

100% data security

Spyic prioritizes the privacy of users. No personal data is ever stored or leaked from the servers. Moreover, only you will have access to the information that Spyic gathered from the target device. So, you needn’t worry about anything.

No jailbreak or root

You will not be required to mess with the target device. Spyic works without jailbreaking or rooting the target device. Unlike most other tools, this is the major advantage of Spyic.

When you root or jailbreak a device, the target user will get to know about it. Moreover, the privacy of the device will be hampered, and the data will be compromised.

More than 35 features

There are 35+ attractive features that Spyic has on offer. Users can almost do everything with the target device without the knowledge of the other person. Here are some of the perks of using Spyic:

  • GPS tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Call monitoring
  • SMS monitoring
  • Monitor social media platforms
  • Spy on the gallery
  • Check out their notes
  • Etc.

All these features can be really beneficial when you want to spy on your wife’s device.

Discrete functions

When you use Spyic to monitor your wife’s device, she will never find out about it. It functions discreetly. So, whatever you are doing will be without her knowledge, and she will not get any idea about it.

Now, let’s find out how to install Spyic on your wife’s device.

iPhone installation

My wife has an iPhone, so initially, I thought it would be impossible to spy on iPhone. However, with the help of Spyic’s next-gen technology, you won’t even have to touch her device.

You will only need her iCloud credentials, and you will be able to monitor everything that she is doing on her phone.

Step #1: Visit Spyic’s website and make a new account. You will only need to provide your email and password.

Step #2: Choose the target device as iOS and pick a plan as per your requirement. If you only want to spy on your wife, the premium plan will be sufficient.

Step #3: Follow the steps that are on-screen. You will have to provide her iCloud and verify the account. This will take a few minutes.

Step #4: Once verification is done, you will have to choose her device and hit the Start button. All the necessary data will be synced, and that’s it!

You can now monitor and track her iPhone from the dashboard on the site. All the features are present there. Isn’t it simple? Spying on your wife’s device can’t be quicker and easier than this.

Android installation

The installation process on Android devices is also simple and quick. Even though you will need physical access to the target device, the process is simple.

Here is how you can do it.

Step #1: Visit Spyic’s website and make an account for yourself.

Step #2: Select the target device and click on Android option and choose a plan for yourself.

Step #3: Follow the steps on-screen. You will have to install an application on the target device. The application is only 2mb in size, and it will take less than 3 minutes to download.

Then you will need to provide the necessary permissions.

Step #4: That’s it! You can control the device from the dashboard, and you will not require physical access to the device again.

The app icon is hidden. Therefore, your wife will not be able to find out about the app installed. Also, once you are done, you can uninstall the app from the dashboard.

The process is as simple as that. It is not time-consuming, and you won’t have to mess with your wife’s device.

The ideal solution

If you want to spy on your wife, you know what to do. Head to Spyic’s website to check out a demo. Monitoring and tracking a device cannot get simpler and quicker.

The user-friendly features of Spyic enhance the user’s experience. In fact, you can use it to spy on your children and employees as well. Just select the plan accordingly, and you will be good to go.

Check out her messages and call logs to find out if you are actually being cheated on. Use Spyic for your advantage today!

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