How To Nail Your Branding In 2022


The world has gone digital, even more so than usual. With hybrid work arrangements, digital workplaces and social-media content the online world is now the closest it’s ever been to full integration with our lives. To that end, branding and brand voice need to adapt and pay attention to the research done into this online space. However, it’s not all about the digital, as merchandise and collectables also rose in popularity this year. So, getting a perfect branding strategy is a tale of two halves: The physical and the digital.

The Digital

How does branding operate digitally?

The most common way for a potential customer to interact with your company online is to see a social media advert. A customer who knows what they’re looking for will use a search engine to find you and that’s where SEO matters, but for branding it’s more important to look at how a completely unaware member of the public can go from knowing nothing about you, to wanting to buy your goods and services.

Social media is a vast platform and expressing your brand voice across multiple channels is the first step to establishing your brand.

How does social media activity translate into growth?

Your brand being active and engaging on social media achieves a few things.

  1. Introduces audiences to your logo, colors, goal and ideals.
  2. Provides quick and easy access from social media straight to your site.
  3. Shows the brand voice is willing to interact with others in a real, human way.
  4. Establishes a moral center for the brand.

In 2022 the humanity of your brand impacts your branding success hugely. What started in the fashion industry years ago has become an expected part of every brand: The ability to express itself on social and global issues.

The Physical

How does branding physically operate?

Physical branding isn’t dead and gone, not by a long shot. Billboards, bus ads, merchandise and storefronts are all still vital to the feel of a brand. The feel of a brand is best experienced in reality where the virtues of the manufacturing process and design of the brand image is a tactile, interactive object.

Physical branding comes across best in merchandise and products that can be easily adapted to your brand. Things like hoodies or apparel, backpacks, water bottles and more have been company favorites for years. Branded pens had a particular renaissance recently.

How does physical branding translate into growth?

The idea of physical branding is simple: It puts your bespoke design work in front of people in the real world, in usable and practical forms.

Partnering with a merchandise agency can show you exactly what products are desired in 2022 and help fit your own brand into that ecosystem. If mugs and water bottles aren’t a good fit, the agency can strategize and collaborate with you and the research to get your branding on the exactly the right product.

Some products include:

  • Hoodies
  • Socks
  • Mugs
  • Backpacks and promotional bags
  • Sunglasses and accessories
  • Corporate gift boxes

By manifesting your branding as useful, enjoyable and engaging physical products you maximize your brands reach and impact.

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