How to Plan the Perfect Business Work Trip

Traveling for business can be fun and glamorous or painful and an absolute chore. Which it turns out to be is entirely up to you.

A work trip is what you make of it, and if you are in charge of planning it yourself, you can make it great. Even if someone else in your office plans your trip for you, there are still many things about your trip that are under your control.

No matter where you are going, look at it as an adventure. Whether you organize your own travel arrangements or someone else does, there are always new things to see, do, and experience wherever you find yourself if you go in with the proper energy, information, and mindset.

Read on to learn some tips for making your work trip the best it can be.

Planning the Best Work Trip

There are many things to take into consideration when planning your next work trip. Take time to consider each of these factors before stepping foot on a plane or pulling out of your driveway.


When it comes time to pack for a work trip, don’t overdo it, but be sure to include some of the comforts of home. You don’t want to be sitting around your hotel room in a business suit, so pack comfortable clothes for the off-hours. Also, if you are flying decide if you really need to check a bag or not; for trips of only a few days, you probably do not, and you will save time and energy when you carry-on only.


Consider transportation for all parts of your trip, not just the big part of getting to the destination. Once you arrive, will you want to take cabs, Uber, or public transportation? If you are bringing your own car, will there be parking, and how much will it cost?

If you are someone who flies for business on a regular basis, consider joining mileage clubs to earn points for leisure travel, and think about buying an airport lounge membership, too.


When choosing your hotel, choose brands in which you feel comfortable and comparison shop to find the best price. Location is also important; think about where you will need to go for your meetings, but you may also want to find an area that you’d like to explore during your time off.


Even cities and towns that seem to have nothing going on can offer wonderful tourism experiences. Check out a museum, a park, or sporting event if you have time — even if only for a little while. This small effort can take your trip from boring to memorable, and you may even learn something, too.

If you’re traveling abroad, see if your employer will let you use some of your vacation days as an add on after the work is done. In Europe, for example, you might decide to take a Mediterranean cruise and fully enjoy your vacation.

Happy Traveling

No matter what you do for work and where you go on your next work trip, you can make it enjoyable with just a little pre-planning. You may be tired at the end of a long day, but it’s worth it to get out there and see the city, socialize, and enjoy local food. You’ll be happy you did, and soon, you’ll be looking forward to work trips instead of dreading them.

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