How to Reach Your Target Audience the Authentic Way

Several years ago, the fast-food giant Wendy’s rose to Twitter stardom with a unique marketing scheme. They started roasting people on Twitter. Tweeting out sassy, sarcastic comments to celebrities, as well as the general population. While this may have seemed unconventional at first, the internet ate it up and business was booming and we need reach


This marketing ploy was successful because Wendy’s target audience of teens and young adults found it hilarious. They appreciated the snark and appreciated seeing a huge brand name interacting online in the same way they did. Now, your company may not have the same target audience, but you’re probably wondering how you can create the same kind of interaction with your target audience.

Genuine connection is tricky to manufacture. Especially when you’re a corporate business and your customers are average Americans. But finding a way to bridge that divide is a key approach to successful marketing in the modern age. Authenticity is key. As you work to grow your clientele and expand your successful business, take steps to connect with your target audience, and find moments of genuine connection and authenticity. Keep reading for just a few ideas on how to achieve this.

Know Your Audience

The world is wide and full of diverse individuals. The truth is, not everyone will want or need your product. You need to narrow your audience and streamline your marketing to your target clientele. This can help you find the voice of your brand and build a campaign around that population.


Phone calls may seem obsolete in a world of texting and social media, but an effective call center can have a big impact on communicating authentically with clients. You can take calls to help customer relationship management (CRM) improve and find ways to foster conversation and listen to clients. With contact center CRM, you have easy access to your customer’s information and you can create a smooth, personalized experience for their journey with your company.


If your target audience is a younger generation, they may prefer to text rather than call. No matter, this is an effective marketing strategy as well. Whether it’s business communication or political peer to peer texting, reach your audience directly in their messages. This method allows you to have one-on-one conversations with clients in real-time. It’s an authentic way to communicate and engage with your audience.

Social Media

The explosion of social media has changed the game of marketing. Take advantage of the casual nature of certain platforms to connect with your base. Be sure to relate to people, comment back, and utilize influencers. When people see and enjoy your social pages, they feel like the brand is more accessible and relatable to their everyday lives.

Be Honest

Honesty is the key to authenticity in any relationship, including the company-to-client one. If someone has a complaint, honestly respond to it and take their feedback. Or if someone asks a question, don’t sugarcoat the answer, tell it to them straight. Individuals will respect your brand more if you prove you can be trusted and always act honestly.

Engage Customers

If you want to foster authenticity, you need to be willing to engage with your audience. That means being open to criticism and responding to it when you’re able. This means nobody on staff is too high up to respond to a customer inquiry. This means going above and beyond to make your clients feel seen, understood, and appreciated.

Tell Stories

Everybody loves a heartwarming story, so if you can use storytelling as a marketing tactic, go for it. Talk about how your company created a special moment for a family or went above-and-beyond for an underprivileged community. By showing you care and making it clear that your product can make everyone’s life better, you’ll create that authentic connection.

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