How to Recover Deleted Files from External Storage Devices?

Every modern person has external storage devices that are regularly used. Usually, they are necessary to share the documents, photos, videos or work-related or personal data with others. Or, to transfer it from one computer to another one. But, along with protective measures that should be applied to secure data on such devices, it is important to know how to recover deleted files from an SD card.

Nowadays, many vendors offer their exclusive applications distributed on a paid or free basis but one of them is gaining the popularity of its multiple capabilities. Disk Drill is recovery software that saves time and restores the documents that you would never think are possible to return.

For your information, most of the features of Disk Drill are free of charge, and one user can, for example, recover deleted videos within 500 MB without turning to a pricing plan. On the other hand, to upgrade to the PRO version of this product will cost only $4 per month and $49 every year if opting for long-time cooperation. Thus, there is no need to look for expensive tools distributed with other vendors, or download apps from the online market. Your SD cards sometimes possess confidential data that by installing free of charge doubtful tools can be stolen and used against you. Check what you get with Disk Drill.

How to Recover a Permanently Deleted File?

To recover deleted files from flash drive, firstly initiate the scanning of the hard-drive. With this independent platform, there are three types of scans such as quick that takes up 10 minutes only, full hard/flash-drive with its 3 hours, and deep that will take approximately 1 hour. Keep in mind, this statistic is common if processing with the scan on a flash drive that is not full.

During the process, a person will overview the list of available files, and if needed he can preview them. After the scan is finished, select several or all documents, and click the Recover button. That is it.

The best capability of this software is a fast result. There is no need to turn to experts to understand the instructions. And, there is no need to watch various tutorials. Only a few buttons and a few pieces of advice on application. In the end, you can restore mostly anything you thought is gone once and forever.

What Are the Features of this Recovery Software?

First off, let’s learn what file types Disk Drill can restore from a flash drive. It works with most of the types that are more than 40. The most common ones are:

Documents Docs, Excel, Powerpoint, XLSX;

  • Photos PNG, JPG, NEF, DNG;
  • Videos MPEG-4, AVI;
  • Music MP3, WAV.

And, it is only the beginning. Along with the file types, a person may get such a solution as Monitoring of the Drive. It copes with the tasks when a person wants to free up a storage or find the duplicates on a flashcard. And, one more bonus is a protection measure. It deals with the overviewing of the external device and secures the data from unexpected or by mistake deleting. So, in the case when you need to recover deleted photos, it will easily occur because Disk Drill monitored and allocated them in a designated place before.

Then, there is a Flash Drive Health feature. It notifies the users of facing potential risks connected with data loss and activates the preventive measures. And, one of the most popular options is data backup. So, anyone can organize a set of procedures to update the drive and keep track of all the photos, videos, and even documents.

What About Customer Support?

Facing difficulties with restoring files? Not a problem, this advanced platform has a support team that is ready to answer all the questions 24/7. Another option is contacting them via email. For example, if Disk Drill cannot identify the SD card, your computer probably blocks the access of the external devices, thus it is necessary to turn on this option. If it does not work, do not hesitate to contact them. For clients’ convenience, a customer support team prepared a list of frequently asked questions or related articles on each step of recovering data or description of features. Choose Disk Drill and forget about the time-consuming data recovery procedure.

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