How To Reset Router WIth 192.168.l.254 Setting

Resetting a router isn’t just a way to get rid of bugs and issues, but it improves the quality of the network connection and increases the health of your device. Resetting allows the device to regain its strength and memory, which is also important because when a lot of devices have been using the same router, more the memory of the device is on use while performing a reset can decrease and strengthen the device memory.

Following are the steps on how to reset your router, remotely, manually, but before this, you should know about the router and What does it do.

What does a router do?

A router is a device that connects to the modem. It creates a local network, which in other words can also be termed as a private network in your house, office, or a business like a coffee shop, and you can connect to the WiFi, i.e., to the local router. Routers provide the facility to split the internet connection of IP, for example, of 192.168.l.254 IP Address to several devices and run a firewall. Another specification of the router is that it can even connect to a VPN.

The router is basically a line of protection between your internet and your network. Moreover, the router protects your devices as well from the internet. Now, you have great insight about the router now let’s get started with resetting router.

How to reset your router?

Resetting remains the first thing that comes into your mind when the internet speed goes down, and this can happen because of various reasons. Resetting your router will automatically correct your connection settings and interrupt any kind of malicious attack on your network. This will even erase numerous unwanted devices from your network and resolve several issues regarding your speed and connectivity.

Here are the steps on how to reset your router.

Step 1: physically unplugging your router and modem

Indeed, your router must have a Reset or Restart option, but you need to be very careful while choosing between them. This might result in erasing all your data and initiate a factory reset of the device. Besides, you should try and remove all the connected cables from your router and leave the router alone to cool down for a minute. Now plug the router back and wait for a bit to warm up the modem and then pass along its sweet internet connection.

Step 2: Update all the related apps.

Most of the router company offers apps that are useful and help to monitor the device usage and overall router settings.

If so, then you must update the app to its latest version and make sure that if your router uses a voice assistant app or something similar to upgrade to its fullest.

Step 3: Change your password

Using your default password will make it easier for the hackers to wiggle some software and hack your router and steal your information. Make sure to reset your password as this will increase your probability of not being hacked.


Feel free to reset your router every couple of months, to enhance and optimize your speed and connectivity. It is not necessary, but will surely increase the health of your device relatively.

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