How to Schedule Social Media Posts To gain More followers

According to a statistics report, while 41% of Local Businesses use Facebook for increasing revenue, 44% generate brand awareness out of it. 

On the other hand, 68% of people on Instagram use the platform to engage with brands.

Facebook and Instagram, the two social media giants, have proven itself to become the inevitable marketing avenues for brands and businesses today. While Facebook proudly boasts of the highest number of users (2,414 million), Instagram has the fourth-largest user base with 1000 million.

Local and global, brands today can’t keep away from social media, especially Facebook and Instagram for four main reasons:

  1. Increased Brand Awareness
  2. Revenue Growth
  3. Competitive Edge
  4. Increase customer base with followers

One of the features of social media that makes it a widespread marketing avenue is that the results are quantifiable. It means that the four reasons mentioned above are measurable on these two platforms, and if we mark the growth metrics required, we would eventually be able to come down to one factor, and that is FOLLOWERS. 

While many blogs are discussing the hacks and tips to grow Instagram and Facebook Following to a great extent in a magical amount of time, they all summarize one most important thing required to grow your Instagram and Facebook following, and that is Content.

When we talk about content, there are mainly three parts to it.

  1. Content Creation
  2. Content Distribution
  3. Content Discovery

While number one is not part of the blog, a content discovery that requires the use of hashtags is out of the bounds of the blog as well. We are here to discuss content distribution to get several following on the two most popular social media giants.

Social Media is flooding with brands and businesses. To be on the mind of people, you need to be in front of them, REGULARLY or your competitor will take away your customer. Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook) run on an algorithm that tends to show people the kind of things they like and react to. For example, if someone responds to your brand three days at a stretch, chances are your content will be shown to the person regularly till they stop reacting to it. 

Not creating content online or posting regularly could be extremely bad for your brand’s health. For the time you are away, there are not only your competitors taking the space, but also, when you come back, it takes a lot of time to get the algorithm working in your favor and increase your post reach. 

P.S. – And then there are Algorithm updates from time to time that anyways kill the reach you have grown so far.

What’s the solution? 


Posting manually could be a headache, and maintaining it becomes a huge issue, but scheduling your posts for Instagram and Facebook not just serves the purpose but reduces your pain as well.

How to Schedule Instagram and Facebook posts?

Multiple social management tools can be used for the purpose. Hootsuite, for one, is a platform that allows you to schedule both Facebook and Instagram posts on the same platform. Though there are many other social media management tools available in the market, only some are free. Still, many offer a free version of the premium paid tools with limited features. 

But, not many of them can let you schedule both on Instagram and Facebook without facing any problem. That is a big reason why there are tools only for Instagram scheduling like Later. 

Thanks to the latest offering from Facebook, Creator Studio is the only free tool that allows you to schedule on both the platforms easily. The user interface is simple, and there is not much training that you will need, but Facebook will any which ways give you one. You will have two different tabs for Facebook and Instagram, where you can even schedule even IGTV videos. 

It is particularly useful for people handling multiple pages together. The tool is available to all business profiles. if you want complete guide about it then check here


Though there are tools to help you schedule posts on both the platforms and help you regularize content flow on Facebook and Instagram, what plays an even more critical role is the content and the time. A little research on the internet and an eye on the analytics will give you the best time when your posts based on the location and day of the week will fetch you the most reach. Essential for growth on Facebook and Instagram.

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