How To Sell Junk Cars Properly

Restoring a non-running old car will, most of the time, just be an expensive endeavor and the cost would just pile one for the maintenance. Selling that car would not only earn you money, but will also take care of getting that heavy piece of machine sitting in your garage off your hands. Most of the buyers for this particular property of yours will mostly be scrapped yards. However, it will surely pay more if you can sell it properly.

Here are some tips to sell junk cars and earn money from the exchange:

1.    Car Information

Always have the car information on-hand. To sell a car that doesn’t run to a reputable buyer and get the best price for it, you must have complete information about the car. One can never be too sure of what the real value of their car without knowing all about it. These details are as follows:

  • Title
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Mileage
  • Condition (body and engine)
  • Specify Exterior or Interior damage.

2.    Get a Quote

It is already to receive a quote online and that would be an easier way to go. But if you’re one of those people who’d like the face to face interaction with the buyer you can go ahead and contact them. It is advisable to get a cash or check as payment and not some vouchers. It is also important that the buyer honors the quote.

3.    Talk to more than one Prospects

Unless you’re in a rush to get rid of your car, try to wait out for other interested buyers. Don’t go for the first bid and talk to other buyers and see how much they value your car. These types of transactions are pretty much straightforward, so you can ask for a local or national company to value your car.

4.    Schedule Pick Up and get Paid

After deciding on the buyer and the price you can schedule a pick-up for the car. Towing should also be free and will not be deducted from the quoted price. I also mentioned that the original quote must be honored. If when the tow truck comes and says that the price should be lower than what was agreed, move on to the next buyer. Do not let them take the car unless you have the cash or check.

Remove your personal items in the car before sending it off. This includes custom parts that you may have installed before. As this is a non-running car they won’t be of use anymore. Don’t forget to remove the old plates from your car.

5.    Notify Relevant Entities

After selling the car, notify DMV and your Insurance of the sale. Go online or visit their offices to have it known that you are no longer the owner of such property.

Holding on to something for its sentimental value is admirable, but many times it’s just impractical and costly. It is wise to sell your junk car and earn money from what could have been a leak in your finances. Finding the right buyer that offers you the best value and ease of transaction should be your method and principle in selling that property.

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