How to Start Making Money Online On the Internet

Making money is the ultimate goal for everyone in the modern world we are living in. Thanks to technological advancements, making money without physically going to an office or the farm is now possible. 

The internet has now been a part of us, and as technology keeps improving, so are the ways of making money online. We were lucky to have a session with an expert in this area, Kevin Cochran (check profile) who highlighted some of the ways of making money online

YouTube Channels

YouTube has now been proven to be the largest video hosting website globally, hence an awesome platform of earning. Earning through YouTube requires you to create a YouTube channel and post videos that attract viewers who make you money. 

Opening up a YouTube channel is free, and you only require internet. It requires you to identify with content that is relatable to many people to attract viewers. You must also be creative and invest in the right equipment for recording videos to have clear-crisp videos. YouTubers can monetize their channels through ads, earn through sponsorships and brand mentions.  

Online gaming 

Gone are the days when gaming was viewed as an activity for the lazy. You can now play in casino as a Canadian and make some good money. However, thousands of online casinos may end up scamming you. 

Checking casino reviews as a Canadian is the first step to creating a win at the casino. Ensure that you employ the best betting tactics if you want to play poker and not be overambitious. Creating a budget will also ensure that you do not spend more than you can afford to lose. 


 A blog is simply an informational website where you share your views, thoughts, and ideas about a certain subject with your readers. Blogging is a lucrative online venture since you can do it from the comfort of your own house. Since blogging is also about the number of people who visit your blog, you can make money through;

  • Advertisements- This is mainly done by displaying ads; hence you can earn money using the following methods;
  • C.P.C-this means cost per click. It means that every time someone clicks on an ad you get a certain amount of money
  • C.P.M-this means cost per 1000 impressions. It means that for every 1000 people who view your ads, you get a certain amount 
  • Google ads-Google also advertises its features on your blog, and you can earn from the same 
  • Marketing-This involves you promoting products from other companies hence earning a commission from the same

Online Surveys

Also known as internet surveys, online surveys are questions sent out to members, and the members respond to the questions over a website. Most companies and organizations have embraced online surveys as they help them to evaluate customers’ needs. 

Taking part in an online survey is an easy process where you sign up to be a member and answer the questions asked, and just like that, you can earn a few dollars from the comfort of your own house. You can sign up for many free websites and start taking part in online surveying, e.g., Swag bucks, Survey junkie, my points, Opinion outpost, Toluna, etc. 

Forex Trading

Also referred to as FX, forex trading involves parties buying and selling of world currencies over the counter through an online channel. Currently, the forex market is one of the largest, experiencing a daily turnover of about 5 trillion dollars. 

Forex trading requires you to study forex to understand the forex market and become a successful trader. Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are numerous sites from which you can start training and trading from. 

The sites provide you with demo accounts where you trade virtually without investing until when you are fully confident you can start investing using real money. Baby Pips is one of the websites where you can grow your knowledge on forex for free with free daily tutorials.


Transcribing is simply the art of converting audio or video files into written documents. It is a lucrative online business as you only require being keen and having typing skills to put what you hear into writing systematically

Unemployment is rising all over the world due to the unforeseen pandemic. With your computer knowledge, you could start earning and transforming your life from your house’s comfort. You can play slot machines, engage in freelancing or even build on your skills.

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