How To Successfully Push Sales When Selling Online For The First Time

As the e-commerce business model has proven to be highly successful, more and more businesses have started selling online. However, in the competitive world of e-commerce, the task of selling online for the first time can prove to be quite challenging. There are certain marketing tactics and techniques that businesses should use to sell online.

 Useful Tips To Make The First 10 Sales Easily

  Sell To The People You Know

 Reach out to close friends and family members to kick-start your online business. Sell online to the people you know to reach the first 10 sales mark in an easy and fast way. It will help you get your business up and running.

Shopify is a handy e-commerce platform to launch your online store

 Use Email Marketing Services

Curate a list of leads that can help your business, and then reach out to them by using email marketing services. It is a useful marketing tip adopted by various online stores. You can search for email marketing services on the Shopify app store and use it to send an email to potential buyers, before launching your business.

 Sell Through Social Media Platforms

 A lot of customers shop online through social media platforms. Sell online through platforms like Facebook and Instagram to jump-start your e-commerce business. Also, you can take advantage of your social media network to sell the products.

 Run An Online Contest

 The marketing tactic of using contests to attract customers has been found to be successful in kick-starting the e-commerce business. Running an online contest and offering giveaways attracts deal-hungry customers, and can help get the first few sales in your store. You can find an array of contest-creating apps on Shopify’s store.

 Sell On Marketplaces

 To get the first 10 or more sales, you can try selling on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Take advantage of their huge network of customers to get the first few sales in. It is also an excellent way to spread brand awareness among potential customers.

 Use Reddit 

 Using the Reddit community is a highly advantageous tactic that can benefit your online business, in both the short and long term. Join the community and reach out to other e-commerce businesses to build a relationship. The huge Reddit community can help you make your first few sales and reach out to the target audience.

 Write Blog Posts

 Blog posts about your online business can help get the word out in the online community. Write engaging blog posts to attract the attention of influencers and online shoppers. Share the blog post with the top leads to give your business an edge and get the first few sales in.

 Effective Ways To Optimize Product Pages To Ensure Maximum Sales

  Share Product Information

 A product page should display all the information related to the product to boost sales. Everything from the packaging detail to the ingredients present in the product should be mentioned on the page. It not only helps build trust with the customer but also enhances the customer experience.

 Understand Customer Concerns

 It is essential to understand customer concerns regarding a particular product; this is where market research can come in handy. Find out about the current trends and general customer concerns to make sure that the product details, photographs, and videos are as per the expectation. This tactic will encourage customers to buy your products and help boost sales.


 Put up call-to-action buttons on the product page to make things clear for the user. Ensure that the call-to-action button is placed strategically so the customer does not feel confused or struggles to find it. This time-tested marketing tactic helps encourage customers to shop and boost the conversion rate.

 Activate Live Chat Feature

 Adding the live chat feature is another effective way to maximize sales. It allows you to solve customer queries in an instant and enhance the overall experience. With this feature, you can offer a prompt solution to visitor’s queries and help convert them into customers.

 Post Videos And GIFs

 A lot of successful online stores post videos, GIFs, and photographs on the product page to attract customer’s attention. These extra additions make the page appear visually appealing and provide a more detailed tour to the visitor.

 Put Up Customer Reviews On The Webpage

 As per a study, a majority of the online shoppers check previous customer reviews before buying a particular product. Posting customer reviews and testimonials can help establish trust, make it easier for you to sell online.

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